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::Lauren’s Story so far::

Lauren was born at Aiken Regional Medical Center in Aiken, SC on February 27th, 2008. She had some difficulty breathing and they took her to the nursery very quickly. The following morning they brought her to us and our doctor came in and told us he wanted to transfer her to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Medical College of Georgia (MCG) because she had a cleft pallet. Once she got there they found a “mass” blocking her airway and upon further investigation told us the mass was a rare cranial teratoma tumor. They did a biopsy which freed up her airway and came back benign (negative) for cancer. Duke University later confirmed this.

After a few days they where able to take her off the feeding tube, she ripped out her breathing tube on her own after they did the biopsy. 12 days later we where able to take her home from the NICU at MCG. they did many tests, some of which have never been performed on a baby before. They also told us her chances of making her 1st birthday where 1 in 10, Not good at all. MCG really wanted to jump in and do surgery but we where just not comfortable with that just yet. We had very few answers to our many questions.

Our doctor was not happy either and made a phone call. Two hours later we had an appointment at Duke University Medical Center (DUMC) in Durham, NC, about 6 hours away. Duke has been amazing. they are holding off on the surgery until she is around 7-8 months of age. They reviewed everything MCG had done and agreed on many points. Lauren has been under general anesthesia 3 times already, she has been put on paralyzing drugs, feeding tubes, breathing tubes, numerous CAT scans, MRI’s, and x-rays. She has undergone spinal taps, blood work, shots, and all that jazz. They have even done a PET scan on her with radioactive dye. This is just a small part of what she has been through.

We are going to continue to drive back and forth to Duke over the next few months as we prepare for a very dangerous surgery to remove the tumor. One doctor labeled the surgery “heroic”. They are bringing in the best doctors in the world who do this type of stuff. I’m not going to get into the details of the surgery just yet but it does involve removing the skull bone protecting her frontal lobe if that give you an idea. Duke has said after they reviewed everything that her chances are much better then the 1 in 10, to what extent better they won’t say.

We have had her home between MCG and Duke and have been admitted to both places. She is currently home with us now and I’m actually waiting on a phone call from Rebecca saying wether or not I need to go home and pack our bags to head to Duke as I type this. Lauren has formula running out of her nose like the Mississippi which is a drastic change. Normally very little if any at all comes out during her feeding. So she may need a feeding tube and more tests which means being admitted to Duke once again.

Sure enough Lauren is back at Duke and has been for over a month now. She has her feeding tube as well as her trach. She is doing pretty well, minus the infections she keeps getting. They also did a surgical procedure with her stomach to help with her reflex and she has a big scare there now. The major surgery is scheduled for August the 6th. We will be able to bring her home in June until the surgery provided we can get home health care, ie a nurse with us no less the 16 hours a day, every day.

Home for us now is Durham. NC. I have resigned as the student pastor in Williston, SC to be with my family in Durham. It was not easy to come to this decision but I must do what is best for my family, and that is to be with them daily. Lauren will be close to Duke in case of an emergency and I will be close to her and Rebecca. We do have an apartment here and if you would like the address please contact me and I will give it to you, I would rather not post it here for privacy reasons.

Please continue to pray for our family as we move forward. There is a church looking at us to be their Student Pastor so pray for God’s will in that situation as well as God’s will for FBC Williston.

I have not updated this page in awhile. Sorry. The church in Durham/ Chapel Hill did in fact hire me; I have been on staff here since June 9th. Rebecca and I are getting settled. I would say we are preparing for the surgery but I don’t truly think it is something you can prepare for and it’s less the 24 hours away. Rebecca’s Parents flew in from Florida yesterday and my father and stepmother are driving here from Kentucky as I type.

We have had a few moments with Lauren involving the ER. One on the 4th of July where she ripped out her “G” tube aka her feeding tube going into her stomach via her belly. They did get it back in and we went home 5 hours later. This past weekend it came out again and I was alone with her so I was throwing stuff together to take her to the ER but then I remembered the nurse comes early and ran out side and saw her and she made it all better. Apparently the balloon that holds the mickey button in place (on her inside) got a hole in it.

Lauren is doing great with all her speech, OT, & PT stuff. She has standing appointments every week. Speech by the way is more then just talking. Lauren has an oral aversion and does not like anything in her mouth and they are working her past that. OT & PT are just amazed with her she is doing great in those departments. In fact they said she is ahead of where she needs to be. She is just a little rock star.

After surgery, if all goes well, she should be in the hospital for 2 weeks. We are planning for 4 weeks or longer because that’s how my wife and I think. A good Boy Scout is always prepared. I will put up post surgery pics, which may be graphic but we feel the need to share this with you as you have shared with us in prayer.

The surgery is closing in; in fact it’s less then 24 hours away. We are very on edge and yes we know God is in control. I will try to keep this blog up to date as much as I can tomorrow. I do believe we will be turning our phones off, no offense.


Lauren is out of surgery now and in recovery. We should be able to see her in about an hour. The surgeon said the tumor came out really well. The only nerve they had to take was the v2 branch of the trigeminal nerve which is only responsible for sensation and will not affect any motor skills. The tumor had eroded through the barrier to the temporal lobe but they were able to remove the tumor and repair the barrier safely. The tumor also eroded through the pharynx and we are not sure what affect that will have on things. They fortunately did not have to do anything to the palate area. The tumor was evidently encapsulated and came out pretty easily. They got all of the tumor that they could see and get with this surgical approach. They will be doing a CT scan later tonight to make sure there wasn’t any bleeding and they will do an MRI in the next couple days to see if there is any left that they weren’t able to see. ENT is also going to do a scope to make sure they don’t see anything else. They did not cut through any existing barriers to look for more tumor as they did not feel this was safe. They placed a small titanium plate where they had to remove the zygomatic bone to get to the tumor. All in all the surgeon said the surgery went as well as it could have possibly gone – they removed all the tumor they could see safely and the only nerve it involved they said probably was not functioning before anyway. She woke up a little already and they said she was moving both sides equally and her pupillary function was good. We will post a few pictures in the next few hours or day… mind you they will be somewhat graphic. The major part is out of the woods, now we shall see how she will handle the recovery. The most critical part is over the next 72 hours to make sure she does not get any infections etc… The doctor also told us how “heroic” the surgery was so please continue to pray for her safety.


Lauren is now in the PICU and even though she is somewhat sedated she has managed to be her self. She ripped out her arterial line (which they are not going to put back in) and has proceeded to remove the ventilation that is connected to her trach. She has also been trying to rub her IV out on the right hand by rubbing it against her eye which she has proceeded to bruise more by doing this; typical Lauren. The doctors are saying she is doing well considering everything she has gone through. In fact, she may be taken off ventilation today and moved to step-down or the floor. If she goes to the floor they will have to remove the fenral (don’t know if I spelled that right) line in her leg as well as the tube for her umm… pee pee. They are also talking about taking her off of clear liquids and putting her back on regular feeds. She is still on a good batch of pain killers and antibiotics as well as her head still being bandaged up. Even if we do go to the step-down or the floor we expect to be here another two weeks or so. She had a CAT scan which came back good late last night and she just returned from a trip to get an MRI. We should know the results from that later today. Recovery and healing will obviously take quite some time. Again, Rebecca and I cannot thank you enough for yours prayers and concern for our Lauren.


The MRI has shown that part of the tumor is still there in the cavernous sinus near the 5th nerve. This is a very vital area. We are waiting to hear back from pathology on the parts of the tumor they removed and that will help decide the next step. They may just leave it and monitor her for awhile, do chemo, or they may go in through her face to get it… we just don’t know. So Lauren is now opening her eyes and looking around which is great, the issue is that her left eye is not working in sync with her right (something with the 6th nerve possibly) so she was sent to get a CAT scan just a bit ago. Please pray that it’s only swelling and nothing else… if it’s the muscle it could involve a lot more. We should know more in a few hours.

Fun times in the “portable” Browne household this week. I say portable because we are pretty much spending every waking moment at the hospital. Okay Beck is spending every waking & sleeping moment at the hospital and I am traveling between the hospital, work, and the house to walk the dog. Just so you know I have slept at the hospital one night and will again tonight before someone rides me it’s also been her choice. I have offered to stay every night except Tuesday (because of church Wednesday night) but as you know ANY and EVERY mom wants to be near her child in their time of need, God has made their nature that way.


Lauren is doing pretty good, she is no longer on an IV which is great because she REALLY hated the thing and would spend hours trying to find someway to get it out no matter what limb of her body they put it in or how much they wrapped it up. Lauren did go to the OR yesterday and the scope they did showed that their is still tumor on her cleft pallet. This means that before they can have plastic surgery fix the pallet they will have to remove the remaining portion of the tumor and even more of the pallet. This will happen in the next 2 to 5 monthswe have not been given the all the details yet and depending how much they have to remove of the pallet has an effect on wether or not plastics will be able to repair it at all. Your pallet has huge implications when it comes to eating/drinking as well as speech. They have a retainer device she could use for the rest of her life if they can’t fix it, which will cause more speech issues. Only time will tell with all this. As you can tell from the pictures Lauren also has a left 6th cranial nerve palsy (her left eye will not move beyond midline i.e. tuned inward) this is either from swelling (we hope) or damage to that nerve during surgery. It can also be corrected with surgery but we shall wait and see what happens as well as how surgery on it would effect her vision for life.

What else… oh yeah all the biopsy’s of the tumor material (there was a lot of different material) came back benign and slow growing. This means that they will leave the part of the tumor located in her cavernous sinus and watch it with imaging once a year. Going into this area would cause major problems and if they can avoid it awesome. The other great news is that she will likely be discharged this weekend which is less then the 2 weeks they where thinking and the month we where preparing for.


Lauren came home 10 days after surgery. God is amazing.

10.1.08-12.1.08 (brief summary)

Lauren has been progressing well, we have spent a lot of time at home with her and have even been to church a few times. Lauren has been admitted to Duke at least five times since her surgery for what they think could be phenomena or a upper respiratory infection. They can’t ever get bacteria to grow, but they know an infection is there and she responds well to antibiotics. The entire pediatric staff knows us quite well at this point from the ED(ER) all the way up to the pediatric wings. In November she scratched her eye really bad and it has made life a bit more difficult, we discovered that she has no corneal sensation in that eye. We also had a rapid trip to the ED after who flu shot, apparently she is severely allergic to eggs which from what I understand is what they grow the bacteria for the flu shot in. Lauren broke out in hives, a fever, and was in respiratory distress, never fun.

In the past couple months we have added more medical stuff to her bedroom, from an oxygen compressor and a huge oxygen tank to a nebulizer for some treatments they are trying with her since she has developed a type of lung disease from the trach.

According to the ENT the tumor on her palate has indeed grown and they have scheduled a surgery to remove the tumor on December 5th.


Surgery took a few hours once they stared, it was a long day for us and I want to thank you for your prayers and a special thanks to our friends Jeremy and JIm and our pastor Jim and his wife Sylvia for coming and sitting with us. Lauren made it through surgery and they told us they had to take the entire left side of her soft palate to remove the tumor. They also found some in the muscle in the throat area which required them to take her left tonsil in order for them to reach the tumor down there. At this point her ENT is not sure if they will ever be able to repair the palate at all since they had to take so much of it. We are not sure what option are left at this point, once she has healed more, we will see the plastics guy and find out what he thinks. Either way any attempt at repair will be another year or two out.

The plan at this point is to take the trach out in three months as long as their is no more tumor in that area. Our ENT told us to be prepared because she does not think they where able to get it all, in which case they will have to go through her face and she would keep the trach even longer. Through the face is the last thing we want to do, this has already been so much on her and us already.


Lauren had some odd swelling going on in the hospital so they kept her until Sunday the 7th. We spent three days last week at the pediatricians and the ED because of odd things going on, but they seem to think everything is alright. I think today was a much better day for her. She is an amazing girl. In the morning we will be heading to Duke to meet with the ENT for her post op appt. as well as her next RSV shot. I’ll let you all know more soon.


Lauren’s Birthday is coming up and we are very excited. She is crawling now, has been for about two weeks. She is also pulling herself up and she has learned to blow air around her trach and make noise. Did I mention three teeth and a forth on it’s way in? We have been blessed that we have not been to the ED or been admitted to Duke in over a month. Lauren is sick right now but so far she has not been an any respiratory distress. The doctors still have not figured out why her leg swelled up after her last surgery in December, in fact the swelling has never really gone down. Lauren also has some redness on her legs that at times make her look like a tourist on a Florida beach and it has not resolved so we are going to see a vascular surgeon and possibly a dermatologist. Lauren is scheduled for another MRI in March to see what the next steps are going to be. The plastic surgeon also thinks he will be able to repair her palate but it depends also on this next MRI.


It’s April. Lauren has had another MRI and a biopsy done. The margins are still clear, the biopsy was of some tissue near her left sinus and it’s just granular, not tumor. Her next surgery (which could be one of many) to repair her soft palate will be done after July, when we see the plastic surgeon, which means she will be keeping her trach in for at least another 6-9 months or longer. You should see her, she’s trying to walk every day, and learning so much. She now signs even more words, dog, more, all done, daddy, mommy, good girl, points, claps, where?, and knows others. She has also made up her own signs that we have yet to figure out what they mean, but she is very consistent with them. Is there still tumor? The answer is yes, there always will be.

I’m sure I have left some stuff out and if you would like more details please visit the category section in the column on the right side of this page and look for “Lauren” so you can read more or just click here.

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63 Responses to “Lauren Browne”

  1. it’s coming on the 29th

  2. Yeah they said today the umm 27th.

  3. You, Rebecca, and Lauren are constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We are praying for healing for Lauren and for peace for you and Becca in the midst of this trial. We love you and wish we could be there. Love, The Baker’s

  4. Thank you Jaclyn for leaving a comment. I know Rebecca will call you girls when she is ready and thank you for your constant prayer.

  5. Rebecca, Dan & Lauren,
    We are lifting the three of you up in our prayers. We know that the Lord is in control and that he is the Great Physician, nothing is too difficult for HIM!!

  6. Dan and Rebecca,

    Lauren is a precious gift and we are keeping you and her in our prayers. I can only imagine how hard this is for you. Know that we would do anything to help you, just ask. We love you and miss you!

  7. Dan and Rebecca,

    I am praying for ultimate healing for Lauren. She is just a perfect miracle. You and your family are in my constant prayers

  8. Your blog was emailed to me by my cousin asking for prayer and I had to leave a comment. Your daughter Lauren is beautiful. Stay strong and close. We had a daughter born 9 weeks premature so I can relate to your situation. It is very dear to my heart. God Bless your family! -Hollie

  9. Dan and Beck, MAN Im crying my eyes out right now reading this, Just when you think you have been through it all. We will continue to pray for you and to pray that God will heal Lauren and give you both the strength to get through this ordeal. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do. We Love you guys and want you to know you have someone in PC to lean on!

  10. Dan and Becca,

    Lauren is just beautiful! What a blessing. God is a good God. His plan is not like ours. We seek Him now with humility and confidence that Lauren will be healed. That her life begins, God’s love and grace shines to all who see her. That He is using you and Becca to love, laugh, pray, believe and share Christ’s love to all you come in contact with. I believe in miracles and I believe that Lauren’s life is one and will continue to be so. Amen and Amen.

    We miss you guys bunches and we are praying for you daily.

    Chris Strickland

  11. Hey Dan,

    She is just beautiful! What a blessing. We are praying for you,Rebecca and especially sweet baby Lauren. Trust in God and lean on His wisdom. We are with you in thoughts and prayers.
    Love, The Strickland’s

  12. Thank you all for leaving comments. Rebecca and I are thankful to each of you for praying for our Lauren.

  13. I am praying for your family…especially little Lauren…Do you need snacks/meals??? Let us know what we can do in addition to praying…Sheila Mathis

  14. Dan, Rebecca, and Lauren,
    We are praying for you all. She is an absolutely beautiful little girl!
    Love, The Holtgrewe’s

  15. Dan the man an Becca
    Our prayers are with you an Lauren We love an miss you all
    Nat and JB

  16. I have been praying for all of you. My youth group have been praying for Lauren and you guys also. Stay strong and focused on Jesus. Hope to see you soon.

  17. Many prayers from Oregon…

  18. Dan and Beck,
    Steven and I have not stopped praying for you and Lauren! We have enlisted quite a few other prayer warriors too. We love you so much!!!! I am praying you can take her home this weekend–I know that would be such a blessing. Thanks for posting the pictures–she is a doll!! I can’t wait to meet her in person. All our love, Dee Dee and Steven.

  19. Dan, Rebecca and Lauren. Our hearts are going out to you. Brian and I know exactly where you guys are at. Our son Joshua was in ICU for 6 weeks before we could take him home. We know how hard it is to stand by and are praying daily for you. Lean on one another and trust the Lord has GREAT plans for you and your precious daughter. If you have any questions or need someone to talk too, please, please e-mail us. Be strong for one another and especially Lauren. Miss you Rebecca in Boardwalk!
    Brian and Doreen Baxley

  20. MR.DAN
    I JUST GOT DONE READING THE BLOGS AND I TRULY HAve to say that little lauren is a true mircle from god! she is the most precious thing i have evey seen! i also wanted to let u kno that im goin to pray for u and ur family everyday!i hope that little lauren has the strength to hang in there and have the best possible life that god can give!! sincerly,
    rebecca rosamond!!!
    p.s.we miss u in youth!!!!



  22. Dan ,

    I just did the sitemeter the this site ! Whow , almost 900 hits this week. I know I have sent it to several of my friends. That should tell you huch much you and you family are loved and being prayed for. Please keep posting updates and pictures.

    With my prayers ,
    Beth Webb

  23. I have placed Lauren’s name under the prayer request page on my blog, Brother!


  24. Lauren is so beautiful! We are all thinking and praying for you all everyday! Babies are resilient and Lauren is a miracle. Please let us know if we can do anything for you and Rebecca.

  25. Praying every night…..

  26. Continuing to pray for Lauren, as well as Mom and Dad 🙂 God is STILL on His throne! I will lift up mine eyes from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord. Ps. 121:1-2 My favorite verses!! Kate

  27. You are in my heart, thoughts & prayers. With God all things are possible!


  28. dan and rebacca
    i hope everything will go the way you hope. i will pray for you and i feel for you .god bless you.
    lauren is a pretty little thing.god will take care off her.
    ursula butler

  29. We are praying for Lauren everyday! I am so glad you got some positive news! Please let me know if there is anything we can do!

  30. We are praying for Lauren daily. Tell Rebecca we think about her all the time. (Any you too).

  31. I know you probably already know this be we at Dorcas are praying for your family. I know its got to be hard to understand why, but I also know blessing are at hand. God knows best, keep the faith. Please let us knwo if ther is anything we can do. Cedric and Darlene

  32. You, your wife and your daughter are in my thoughts and prayers.

  33. Hi Dan!
    Just went to your page for the first time in awhile. I see you have a new addition to the family!!! Congratulations. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. Take care, miss you.

  34. Hey Guys! The Scribners just wanted to say we love you! God Bless!

  35. Hi Dan and Rebecca, I know you don’t know me but I am Jaclyn Baker’s mom. I have been touched by Lauren’s story since the day she was born. I think of all of you daily and pray for you. I have asked my small group in Bossier City, LA to pray for baby Lauren as well. I just wanted you to know that there are many people out there that care and are praying for you. I love the new pictures. Lauren is beautiful…..

  36. Dan, Lauren in BEAUTIFUL!
    Wes went to see Dr. O and he told us what was going on. We have been praying for you daily.

  37. Rebecca and Dan,

    Lauren is so beautiful. I think about you everyday, I cannot imagine what you are going through. I hope each one of you continues to stay stong.

  38. Dan, Rebecca, and Lauren,
    Your family pictures are beautiful. You are in our prayers daily! We miss and love you guys.

    The Holtgrewe’s

  39. We would love to see some up dated pictures of Lauren. Dan we are sooooo proud of you for not fainting. Rebecca you are so strong and I can tell by the pictures already and great and seasoned mother. We love you all and continue to pray!

  40. I told Rebecca that I thought I was falling in love again when Lauren smiled at me on Wednesday. What a beautiful child! The church is praying for her and for Rebecca and Dan.

  41. Tubes or no tubes… she’s as beautiful as can be. Glad to see she’s takin’ the tubes in stride and still smilin’

    Prayers continued,

  42. Hello, I just stumbled upon your blog,
    and I wanted to say, my prayers are
    with you and your wife and your
    beautiful daughter. May God’s
    warmth and love guide you, and
    comfort you, every step of the way !

    The picture with the baby and the
    puppy is PRICELESS !!! 🙂

    Your friend,

    Daniel B.

  43. Happy Father’s Day !!! 🙂

  44. Thanks Dan for the Happy Father’s Day. It’s been my first and I pray I see many more.

  45. Dan I just wanted to tell you she is beautiful and I am hoping for the best for you and your family!

  46. Hey Dan I just wanted to say hi ad Lauren is so cute you toke so good pics of her and my family is still praying your ya well bye

  47. Thanks for stopping by Jessica, good to hear from you! How is your mom doing after her surgery?

  48. she doing good thanks for asking

  49. Lauren is adorable. I was Rebecca’s fourth grade teacher. Her mom and I became friends when Rebecca became good friends with my daughter Traci when they were in the third grade. Ann and I try to talk each Saturday morning. Please know that Traci and I continue to pray that God will give them wisdom in every decision they made concerning Lauren.

  50. Your little girl is so beautiful!!! Ryan and I will be praying for you guys.

  51. You certainly have a beautiful gift from God. My prayers will be with her and the family.

  52. Rebecca’s dad is my parents paster and my mother had forwarded your site just before Lauren was born. I have been following her progress ever since and was so happy to hear how well the surgery went today. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers since your beautiful daughter was born. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. God has truly blessed you and through life’s trials, we just keep our eyes on Him. God is so good

  53. I came across your blog from a prayer request, and I just wanted to tell you that your beautiful daughter is in my prayers. My son (he’s 8) and I pray for her nightly, just as we did for Jill Carroll – the American journalist from Durham who was held by Muslim terrorists for weeks. They threatened to kill her multiple times, but each time they didn’t. We prayed for her every day until the day she was finally released, unharmed (at least physically.) The hand of God was in that situation and I firmly believe he will work his miracles in Lauren’s.
    God Bless and Godspeed.

  54. Hey thanks for stopping by and leaving a word of encouragement my wife and I appreciate it, we really do. I know I don’t respond much but to be honest I don’t know how. We have been overwhelmed with the words poured out by others on these pages. All I can say is thank you.

  55. Just wanted you to know I am praying for you and baby Lauren.
    I’m a friend of Dru & Ernie Hooper. What a beautiful little girl you have. Love in Christ, Elnora

  56. Rebecca, Dan and baby Lauren, This is Tracy from UF COMT and would love for you to contact me. I Saw Brenda tonight and she informed me of your journey. I understand if the time isn’t just right and things are really busy, but know you are, and always have been in my prayers. All our love to you , Tracy Tim and Hannah

  57. It’s incredible to see how far Lauren has come….what a miracle she is. 🙂

  58. I just read your blog about beautiful little Lauren. I was moved to tears. Being the mother of a 9 month old, I can empathize with what you all are going through. You are all in my prayers. It amazes me that she still smiles after all she has been through. Her pictures melt my heart. She is adorable and so, so brave. God bless all of you, and a happy birthday Lauren.

  59. Awwww!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS SOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! I can’t believe she’s already over a year old. Mrs. Bonnie showed us pics from the party. They were cute!!!

  60. Okay Mr. Camera Guy, where’s new pix? I know she’s grown since December……and I know you’ve taken mega pix, so let us see her! Miss you guys!

  61. dan and rebecca
    your little girl has come a long way she is so cute i have not looked in a while i am so pleased how she is doing . keep up the good work god does miracles and she is one

  62. Hi, Rebbecca! Just catching up with you guys on your blog. Good to see pics. Janis

  63. Dan, Just wanted to let you know Will had surgery 6/26/09 at Palmetto Health Richland Memorial Hospital in Columbia, S. C. Dr. Locke straightened his spine, he had scoliosis of the spine. 365 stitches, 24″ incision neck to waist, in intensive care now but hope to be out in a room tomorrow. You taught him to play the XBox which is too many hrs. but he loves it. He met one fellow from Kentucky and the man had prayer for Will in his Church for two Sundays. His cell number is 803-709-1952 and Renee’ 803-300-7879 I am sure he would love to hear from you. We keep up with Lauren, Beck, and your keep us updated. Love to all, Jean

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