About Me


  • I eat Sushi
  • Occupation:: Student Pastor
  • Location:: Durham, NC
  • Interests:: God, my wife, my little girl, fishing, working with students, music, reading, Mountain Dew, & good food.
  • Favorite Movies:: I have to pick just one?
  • Favorite Music:: See above.
  • You’ve been invited to a fancy ball but the only thing you have to wear is an orange wooly jumper. What shoes do you wear? “Who cares, I make the orange wooly jumper look good.”
  • My Story::
    I was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan and lived in a run down trailer park until I was eight. The name “trailer trash” followed me like a plague. My parents divorced when I was about five and I grew up in a home where my mother was constantly striving to provide for her kids, with the best of intentions. It was far from easy. In ’88 she meet a man who would become my step-dad and we spent the next few years moving back and forth between Michigan and Florida. I have lived in everything and every type of place you can imagine from a tent and the back of my pickup truck to owning my own home.

    I didn’t become really involved in student ministry until my 11th grade year when I came to understand what Jesus really did for me. My senior year I started to feel a pull to ministry but didn’t see where God was leading. I continued to pursue music and went to college, which I never thought would happen. I meet my wonderful wife at the University of Florida (Go Gators!) and she has stood by my side for the last five years. Our first child Lauren was born 2.27.08 in Aiken, SC. A day or so later the doctors discovered she had a rare cranial tumor and our lives changed drastically (check her page for that story).

    The last two years I have wrestled with God and what he is calling me to. The pages of my journal are literally littered with my thoughts, struggles, and prayers. I graduated from the Baptist College of Florida in the fall of ’06 with a degree in music education, a first in my family. Just before graduation God really revealed to me the calling to work with students. I walked away from what I thought was a career in music to serve alongside students in ministry. I will never look back. God’s direction to me became as clear as glass.

    Rebecca and I moved to Williston, SC and I served on staff at First Baptist there for about a year as their student pastor where I began the development of an idea called refuge. Since then my wife and I have had to make a permeant, yet God lead move to Durham, NC so our daughter could be close to Duke Medical Center. I have since been employed at Farrington Road Baptist Church and continue to try and wrap my head around this word refuge.

    20 Responses to “About Me”

    1. So glad to find your site.

      May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you in all things.


    2. Quite a story, the LORD’s taken you quite a few places. Kind of exciting to think that this is hardly the end of it…

      Congrats on the expected child!

    3. Good to hear from you Scotti and thank for the comments Peter!

    4. Hi Dan,
      Welcome to the neighberhood. I am from your neighboring town due east of you abot ten miles. It is good to see someone from this area who has set up a blog too.

      May God pour out His Spirit on you there in Williston, and may many come to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus, through the work that God has for you there.

      Let me know by email if you ever need anything. Since I am local and in the ministry as well, I am about building HIS kingdom, AMEN.

      Love in Christ Jesus

    5. Yeah, that’s quite the story Dan. My wife is from Grand Rapids, so I’ve been there plenty of times. Thanks for the comment on my site, and I’m looking forward to reading more here.

    6. I don’t know why my link didn’t pop up earlier. Here it is

      Did you get my email ip ?

      In Christ

    7. hey dan, caught you at thinkchristian.net. you have the same camera as me, but I still only have have the 18-55 kit lens. I don’t have a flickr account either, but I have been using it for the photos on killymurrisyf.blogspot.com. All the best in South Carolina from Northern Ireland.

    8. Thats cool John, you should really pick up the f1.8 50mm it’s about $99 US. It’s a great peace of glass especially for the price. Good to hear you man.

    9. Heard about Lauren at church. We are praying for her daily. The Lord is in charge of your beautiful baby girl.

    10. Saxman- We are all praying for your daughter and your family.

      Joseph Limmer

    11. Hello Dan and Rebecca. This is Mona Young from Hiland Park. I just now found out about little Lauren. Mike and I will be much in prayer for her and for both of you as you are anxiously awaiting.Now that I have your website, I will try to keep in touch and follow the progress of Lauren. Let me know if there is anything we can do on this end of the puzzle. Know that we have not forgotten you and will continue to pray with you. The Lord is sufficient to meet all of our needs and He is the Divine Healer.
      Love Ya! Mike and Mona Young

    12. Dan, you won’t remember rme, but, I remember you. You were my granddaughter Kayla’s friend from high school. I will keep lifting you, Rebecca, and your beautiful little angel, up to God, I know Jesus is watching over her, but, I believe God wants us to show we care by lifting our loved ones up to Him and to place out cares and needs into His loving arms. God is still in the miracle business…keep your faith strong. God loves you and He has trusted you with a precious little girl who needs the love and care that God knew you and Rebecca will give to her.
      God Bless you.

    13. I do remember you and miss my dear friend Kayla.

    14. I’m reading the names of those who here and can say I miss you all. I just saw Limmer’s post I need some mouth harp right now man… bring the blues!

    15. Hello Dan, my name is Tim, Kaylas Uncle. You used to live across from them for a bit if i am remembering correctly. Dan i just want you to know, even though we dont know each other very well I am praying for your daughter with all my heart. She is a beautiful little girl. Just wanted you to know. God bless.

      PS: i am very curious to hear what you think about the upcoming elections as well.

    16. Hello dan its me Tim again, i just wanted to check back to see how you are doing. I just wanted you to know that God loves you and your family and i am praying for her. I am kaylas uncle. God bless you and your family.

    17. Hi Dan and Rebecca,

      Lauren is beautiful, I just wanted to let you know my prayers are with you.

      Alison Bishop ( from Barbados )

    18. Dan I talked to kayla told her i left a reply on your site, i Pray you and your family are okay and i am praying for your daughter especially


    19. I’m actually back into blogging again

    20. dan and rebecca this dan smith in aiken and i just wanted you to know that lynn and continue to pray for lauren and you guys. thanks dan for the book rec on yor blog unchristian, i have begun reading it god bless

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