The Heartfelt Fight

We give in and let our brokenness consume us every minute of every day and in our hearts and minds there is this spiritual war going on and it never ends. We may rest but God keeps fighting, we may sin but God keeps swinging the sword. I was watching this scene from “The Last Samurai” and Tom Cruise’s character is beaten down, stabbed numerous times, and yet he keeps getting up and taking more. This is the perfect picture of the heartfelt fight. It’s the war raging inside of us this very moment. You might not feel it but it’s there I promise.

I don’t think we can ever get past it nor do I think many of us have a true desire too. We stand and watch the battle unfold and instead of taking up a sword and fighting how we should we fight to keep hold of that which has a hold on us. We find freedom in Christ but are slaves to our broken nature. We are standing in the middle of the heartfelt fight, between the beauty and the chaos (thanks Aaron). How can we live this way? Both slave and free? If God put down His sword could we defend ourselves in the heartfelt fight alone? For how long?


~ by Dan Browne on August 11, 2009.

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