Student Life Camp Part 1

This last week is going to come over a few posts as I try to organize my thoughts. Here is the first.

I’m still sitting here in awe of this past week as we drive North on I95 heading toward our home in North Carolina. Chapel Hill/Durham seems so distant while I sit here and reflect. Geoff is doing a great job driving, and we have been talking a lot about life love and ministry this week. He is going to start work on a new website for refuge student ministries and I can’t wait to share it with you when we have our re-launch. My goal is for it to be a hub/outlet for our student ministry and a place where our students can come together and share in the vision God has laid on my heart and their hearts this past week.

Lives have been changed. Hearts broken. Our God lifted in worship by 7,000 voices singing endlessly of His love. Our students and others at the camp have been changed, touched, and flipped. Three of our 14 students who attend are now following God. Four others have decided that the way their living is not God honoring and that change needs to happen and it starts with their hearts, with mercy.

I was amazed to see our student worship outwardly. To worship freely with their “posture” and how it changes in the presence of God as Louie Giglio said. Till this point in our student ministry there has been very little of that. It was great to see our adult leaders doing the same, engaging God in ways they never had before. Our students have found that they can pray for each other and they need to. They found unity in laying hands on each other, praying, and embracing as the flood gates opened and hearts where poured out. I don’t think there is a person who came with us that did not shed a tear as God moved the mass of students and adults we called Student life Daytona Beach.

I loved this moment. We where sitting in the nosebleed section it was dark and Louie was talking about loss and asked if anyone had lost someone recently and a lady sitting alone in front of me raised her palm ever so slightly. I put my hand on her shoulder and she began to weep, a few moments later our students, students who earlier would have never ventured out to show love and compassion for a stranger put their hands on her and you could literally feel her shudder as the hands of love and understanding from complete strangers in the dark reached her. She was not alone. There was a God who loved her and still loves her and will always love her and there are His people who are willing to be the catalysts for that love.

Our student ministry now sponsors a child through Compassion and you will be hearing more about that on this blog. We have started with one child and the students hope to sponsor more within this one Compassion project to invest their time and money long term in one area, which I think is amazing. It’s a vision that I have had too and God is moving in it and thorough the organization of Compassion. The students picked out four kids and we talked about each and their needs and decided on a one child in Indonesia which is 86% muslim and a nation of Islands in the Indian Ocean. Our students are now making a dent on the world and are helping to move one child out of poverty. I’m blessed to have teenagers who have a desire to help children in need.

I believe for the first time our students discovered the love of the God of Refuge. The God who comforts the broken soul. The God who provides shelter. The same God of salvation that reaches to the depths of our hearts and pours His love and mercy on us. This week our students meet that God face to face and their posture changed.


~ by Dan Browne on July 18, 2009.

One Response to “Student Life Camp Part 1”

  1. Dude, I’m so pumped at what God is doing in your ministry and in the lives of these students. Keep it up!

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