News & Updates

I really having nothing major to report.


Yes I do.

Lauren went to the ER cuz her Dad is an idiot and accidentally ripped out her g-tube when she was sleeping on my lap. Do to this ER trip (it was slammed pack there) Rebecca had to leave a dinner she was at for work and Lauren seems to be getting sick. It also messed up a night of playing Fallout 3 on my 360 but that’s no big deal I started over anyway.

Lauren went to the ENT doc Monday and had a good appointment. They downsized her trach to a 3.0mm and upped her from a neo to a pediatric (it’s longer on the inside). Everything looked clear when they scoped her too. Mind you she still has two pieces of tumor and at this point always will. Also the doc said that 3 months after the plastics guy repairs her palate the trach will come out. We see him in 2 weeks to get that rolling. We are guessing the surgery will be August so maybe by November she won’t have it anymore, unless of course she has a rough winter like she did last year (we where in the ER or admitted to Duke at least 2 or more times per month).

Lauren is now getting sick from the ER visit we had Sunday night. She will be seeing her regular doc this afternoon.

In other news we are gearing up for VBS and Student Life Camp over the next two weeks with our church. It’s going to be crazy. If anyone has a DV camcorder I could borrow (with a DV to firewire cable) for the next two weeks that would be great. You just have to live close by so I can come get it.

Sorry I’ve been slack on blogging.


~ by Dan Browne on July 2, 2009.

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  1. Hey stranger! How ya been? It’ been a while. We need to call each other more often and stay conncected. Hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you. p.s I started blogging a little bit again. I am committing to sticking with it. I know I always say that but I will this time.

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