Quick Thoughts

Driving to SC to play music at a wedding tomorrow

My Mom is up from FL and going with me to said wedding

Lauren has an eye appointment tomorrow at Duke, we are betting we will be doing patching again

Lauren is really on my mind tonight, I’m trying to put my head around everything and it’s kinda rough (she’s fine, It’s personal and just not an easy night for me)

Father’s Day, my Birthday, and our 6 year wedding anniversary in a matter of weeks.

VBS at church coming up

Student Life @ Daytona Beach for our student ministry in July, looking to meeting up with a blog friend

World Changers starts Sunday

Need to carve out family time

Need to pay bills with money that does not exist

Trying to remember to bring David back his CD’s tomorrow

Did I pack deodorant?


~ by Dan Browne on June 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Quick Thoughts”

  1. -need to stop by and see my GREAT friend Jamie…….

  2. sounds like my life lately…vbs coming, summer camp coming, new baby, ministry\family life conflicts, running a business, forgetting to mail packages with birthday goodies to dan…i guess i owe you like 7 steak dinners now, etc. and no, you forgot the deoderant because I smelled you all the way from Florida!

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