Letter to God

Why would you die for me? Why would you give your life over for me so long ago, long before I walked this earth, long before my parents or their parents walked this earth? I have done nothing do deserve this type of love. Why would you do this for me? I cannot grasp your idea of love and your idea of forgiveness. Yet, you pour it out onto me.

In my shame and brokenness, I crawl before your feet. My tears, they stain your skin with my filth yet in your holiness they are continually washed away. You are far from condemning, but gently lay your hands on my head and speak to the very depths of my soul. To places that only you and I know exist. You speak to my soul; and you speak for my soul. If you did not speak for it, it would be banished for it as I said is full of shame and brokenness. Some of which is of it’s own accord and some of which was brought about by the very nature which you created in me and in the others who have gone before me, even to the first of your creation.

I do not blame you for this nature but thank you for it. For in this nature you have given others and myself knowledge and the idea of choice from the moment time began and it is through this nature and the idea of choice that I must live and in doing so die to self and to the breath I take. Your hand still lay gently on my head, you intercede for me today and every day, speaking on my behalf to the one I cannot see. Do I desire it? Yes. Do I deserve it? No, but I thank you for it. Without you I would be nothing.


~ by Dan Browne on June 15, 2009.

One Response to “Letter to God”

  1. What a wonderful prayer.
    Mine is similar except that I want those who have caused great evil to obstruct my law abiding and Christian walk to be arrested, tried and jailed.

    I make that prayer daily.

    Why? All of us shall be judged in heaven but while on earth our Lord asked that we “give to Caesar what is his and to Gods’ his”
    On earth, as someone who has been targeted by nine years by soulless demons of hell, vermin, crass sons and daughters of perdition, I pray night and day that they receive just recompense.

    Yes, that too, a desire for the devil to be destroyed is Christian.

    God bless you lots!


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