The Canes are out of the playoffs so I have shaved the “hockey beard.” Lucky for me the Canes are my favorite team (since we live a few miles from their home ice and I think you should root for the teams where you live) but my home team is still going strong and I can still root them on. Go Wings! Detroit as a city really needs something big this year with all the General Motors junk and bring the cup home would brighten that town a bit.

We have moved. The new apartment is coming together, we like it much better then where we were at before.

The in-laws (out-laws hehehehe) will be here in about 30 minutes on a flight from Florida. We are looking forward to some well needed family time.

Lauren had her 15 month well visit this morning which included shots. Can you believe she is 15 months? I’m still trying to grasp her running to me crying and laying at my feet signing daddy when I walk through the door because she wants to be picked up. I’m going to enjoy it while I can cuz it won’t be long and she will be interested in boys, graduating college, and not wanting to be held by her daddy. I’m such a sucker for my kid.

We have now lived in Durham for a year and still love it. We are coming up on our 1 year anniversary at this church and our 6 year anniversary in July of our marriage. God has done amazing things in both those time frames.

~ by Dan Browne on May 28, 2009.

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