A Late Night

So I drove last night to this small town about an hour away. I left around 11:30PM and did not return home until 3AM. All to pick up a 75 gallon aquarium to go in my office. Some of you might laugh, but try being a fish keeper, it can be relaxing. Having them in a room (my office) helps me focus. I have been keeping African Cichlids for over a year now and while they enjoyed their 29 gallon tank, they really needed to be in something larger. I picked up the aquarium on craigslist, it’s such a wonderful website. The guy told me it was first come first serve and he would be up late so a friend of mine here in Durham went for a drive. I now owe Billy some sushi but I can handle that. I’ll post picks of the new tank as well as the old one soon.


~ by Dan Browne on April 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “A Late Night”

  1. Isn’t there something wrong with going on a trip to get a house for fish and then promising the fore mentioned person fish to eat. Ha ha!

  2. Yeah well, we ate some sushi today but it didn’t come out of my new tank!

  3. Some people are mad that I have not posted pics of Lauren as of late…. there coming, don’t worry.

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