As is Life

This is how life roles when you can’t get a break in life. The first house we had under contract has fallen through and we lost some money, granted it was not a large amount to most people, but to us it was. We where able to get the rest of our money back, thank God. The more our agent dug into things the more fishy it became. I’ll post details later. We want to put an offer on another house but can’t until at least Monday when we are officially pulled out of the current one. If this too falls through we will be stuck in a rental for at least another year. We are really tired of having to move, especially with Lauren’s medical condition, it makes it that much more difficult. We never did fully move into our apartment as some of you who have seen it can attest.

Lauren is doing well, taking first steps and signing more, I will work on getting some photos up of her doing this. She is after all growing like a weed. We see the plastic surgeon in July to get on with the next leg of surgery and hopefully in 6-9 months or more removing her trach, but we are done holding our breath for that to happen (pun intended).

I miss posting photos for Photography Friday and hope to get back at that soon, there is so much to shoot here in the triangle. Finding time is a whole other road I’m not going to travel down.

I was actually going to take a sabbatical from blogging but well… I did for a few weeks. Hope all is well in everyone else’s world.

As a side note, we have raised between $700-$1,000 for the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, If you would like to help out please click the link in the right column to donate.


~ by Dan Browne on April 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “As is Life”

  1. Just surfing around and found your blog.
    I just wanted to say good luck to you and your family. we will send our prays for you.

  2. Hey buddy!

    May God bless you and your awesome family on this day.

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