Lauren Update and Stuff

So Lauren is going into surgery tomorrow to biopsy a mass in her nasal area to see if it’s tumor or just scar tissue from a previous surgery. They are also going to look at the tube in her left ear, downsize her trach, and do some other stuff. Please keep her in your prayers.

The tentative plan is to keep the trach until after the plastic surgeon does his work to repair her palate which will be some time after July of this year. So we are looking at least another 9 months (we think) or so of her having the trach, we where hoping to get it out within the next month or two but that is no longer the plan.

She is going very slow with the eating by mouth thing and is not taking in enough to even do a swallowing study so we are a long way (at least 2 years) off from getting that taken out unless she decides to make a drastic change. Every time we make some progress forward we go backward because of a surgery or something.

We are very thankful of the people who work with us here, they are some of the best in their fields and do an amazing job.

We are also making an offer on a house in our area and there are a lot of variables so please pray that if it’s God’s plan it would work out.

***If you have not done so and would like to donate to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham you can do so by clicking the link in the right column of my blog.***


~ by Dan Browne on March 25, 2009.

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