Lauren’s 1st Birthday is coming soon!

New Born
February 27th 2009 seemed a distant dream when I took this picture, such a long time away, and now it’s around the corner. Remember they gave Lauren a 10% chance to make it to her first birthday so we are wanting to do something huge. Not for us, but for others, to celebrate Lauren’s life.

We are going to be having a birthday party for Lauren but instead of giving her gifts we are asking for people to donate money in her name to the Ronald McDonald House of Durham, NC. who so graciously provide a place for us to live for a good while and does so for many families. We are going to take up donations online as well as at her Birthday Party, please remember to put in honor of Lauren Browne in the tribute section of the link below so they can track how much we raise. Our goal for this money is to help others who are in need. We really feel God leading us to help those who are facing the unknown as we have over the last year. We could not have made it this far without God and help from individuals and churches alike. We are asking that you share this with others, churches, and businesses, with anyone you like to.

Click Image to Donate

You are invited to a PINK PARTY in honor of
Lauren Browne’s 1st Birthday

Saturday February 28th, 2009
Farrington Road Baptist Church
Chapel Hill, NC

Don’t forget to wear PINK!!!

To know more about the Ronald McDonald House of Durham CLICK HERE
To read Lauren’s story and see pictures CLICK HERE


~ by Dan Browne on February 13, 2009.

14 Responses to “Lauren’s 1st Birthday is coming soon!”

  1. I love this idea and I hope you raise a ton of money to help others! Yes, God is awesome. (All the time) We all wore pink for our daughters first birthday too. After having four boys we just had to do it! LOL

    Ruth Petty

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by Ruth, we hope we can raise a ton of money too. I was thinking about the math and if we raised $1 for every hit to my blog since Lauren’s birth we could raise well over $28,000. That’s a great amount of money to help a lot of families at the Ronald McDonald House of Durham.

    I stopped by there the other day and walked around and it brought tears to my eyes as all the memories and emotion came flooding back. We still have a long rough road ahead, their is still tumor in my daughters head and her story is just beginning, but I was reminded that there are other families in need too, families we know who lost their children, one couple days before their sons first birthday.

    As I was leaving I spoke with a woman who was back again with her 14yr old son, they are now looking to relocate here so they like us can be close to Duke. I remember her son and his story. I think Lauren later in life will be grateful for how we are honoring her by helping others.

  3. Awesome News and great idea! We will donate! Give her a hug for us I can’t beleive its been a year!

  4. Hey Jennifer, thanks for donating and stopping by, we really miss you guys. Thank you for sharing in Lauren’s story by helping others.

  5. Do I really have to wear pink? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Love you guys!

  6. If I do… you do. =)

    Beck got me a pink shirt… first one I have ever owned.

  7. My friend, that is one BEAUTIFUL child. Nicely done! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Totally God on her beauty, I had nothing to do with it. I love that shot though… her in her mothers hands, God has blessed me with two beautiful woman in my life, inside and out. No complaints here.

  9. Hi Dan ,

    This is Beth Webb from Williston. Just wanted you to know that David , Russell and 4 friends and I ate at McDonalds last night. We put in our donation for The Ronald McDonald House in the little bank there. I hope Lauren has a great 1st birthday. Please post some pictures of the event please.

  10. OH man I havent been over here in a bit. Dude look what you two did.

  11. who did what drew?

  12. Hey Dan,

    Hope you are doing well! Happy Birthday to Lauren. Take care my friend!

  13. thats absoultly amazing a 10% change…man God is turly awesome!!!

  14. All I can think is “praise God….praise God from whom all blessings flow”. Like Rebecca with Lauren, He has us in His hands and the love in His eyes and heart is bigger, greater, deeper…..stronger than any love any of us can even begin to imagine. Pretty cool. ^_^ I’m so deeply glad for you guys that Lauren is still in your arms. And celebrating her first birthday!!!! We’ll all continue to speak in faith that she is a picture of God’s grace and love and a picture that will continue to grow in size and in beauty. Blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^ In love ~ Marian, Natalie and Zoe

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