Going Deeper

What does it mean? Going is a verb showing motion, showing movement. It is an action that involves us “the creation” to act upon something and that is where the deeper part comes in. Going is our action, our verb in our relationship with the creator. Deeper is the direction of our relationship. If we as Christians sit on the water in our little boat we are playing it safe, we are surrounded by the security of floating there, but our knowledge of the creator, the God of the universe is shallow, it is only as deep as we can reach our hand into the water.

God wants us to go deeper in our relationship with him, our knowledge of him. He desires for our hearts, our minds, and our souls to worship him, to be challenged by him. I think we as Christians, as one body in Christ need to with all the passion and conviction in the world jump out of the boat of life and swim, not across the sea but down, deeper into this relationship with Christ, deeper into the faith he gives us.

I truly believe that the deeper we swim the more God will challenge us to reach outside our comfort zone, to find new ways to express our worship to him. He may shed light on scripture we have read a thousand times or give hope to us through the words of a song we have sung in church or somewhere else. He may, in his infinite love burden our hearts for the poor or needy in our community. He may ask you to serve him here or abroad. He may lay on your heart anything else he desires, but unless we are willing to get out of the boat and swim deeper into the unknown of God’s grace and love we will never know.


~ by Dan Browne on January 27, 2009.

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