Student Impact Day 1

We have arrived at our destination in WV to attend the Student Impact’s Ski Celebration here. All is going quite well. Tonight was an amazing. We where lead musically by this guy and it was awesome, you could hear in his voice how passionate he is about leading people to God through music. You should grab Phil Baqquie’s stuff off of itunes, it will do your soul well. Then this guy named Bill Jessup (who I would provide a link for except I can’t since the link is not working) brought God’s word and it was cool, he talked about this idea of being a mosaic and how we are each a piece of God’s mosaic. I’m looking forward to tomorrow, not just the skiing and snowboarding, but to hear what else these two guys are going to bring to the table.

***This is an edit***
I’m really wanting to unpack more of what we talked about and stuff and I will as we move deeper with this mosaic idea.


~ by Dan Browne on December 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Student Impact Day 1”

  1. You guys must be at the same retreat as the group from my church! Hope you all are having fun! How’s Lauren?

  2. Yup, you should have came with them. We could have then caught up. I heard “Chipley” I just laughed. When ran into people from Long Ave. in Pt. St Joe, I laughed more.

  3. hey bud, I do believe J-Rob is at the same retreat w/ you as well. Hope you are having a good time.

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