A Moment with God

Tonight we talked about hope during Refuge. I think God took this last week of study and thought to remind me that I need to put my hope back in him as I told our students. With out hope we have nothing.

Our politicians will fail us, our friends, they will fail us too, and our families as well. When we look for hope we need not turn to our churches or our ministries because they too will fail us at times. Our hope must come from and is depended on God, and God alone.

This is not a new idea but rather one I think we tend to neglect. We get so caught up in church life and home life, and the iLife that we tend to forget who is the creator of life. Tonight I started out with an illustration; I put a glass of water on a stool and filled it half way with water, we talked about optimistic and pessimistic qualities, we talked about Jonah and his struggle with putting his hope and trust in God. As the glass of water sat there we moved on and I told them to imagine that this glass of water represents what gives them hope, be it money, their jobs if they work, their friends, their families, their church and their student ministry, whatever it is. I told them how God is working in their lives, even if they don’t think he is or don’t even believe in God. The fact that some of them where even sitting there tonight is proof enough for me, that God is working in their lives.

Jesus says in John 10:10b that he wants to give us life… to the fullest. I filled that glass to the brim with water and sat the pitcher down. “God wants to fill our lives” I said, “He wants us to put our hope in him.” Then the unexpected happened, as I spoke I picked up the pitcher again and said “When we put all our hope in God it’s poured out to others, God wants our cup to overflow.” I felt some relief in my own life as the water flowed from the pitcher to the glass on the stool and onto the floor; I just kept pouring it out. It was a God moment I think, not just for me, but for some of our students as well.

Is God’s hope pouring out of your glass?


~ by Dan Browne on December 17, 2008.

One Response to “A Moment with God”

  1. Preach it man! What a great visual reminder.

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