Lauren Surgery Update 12.5.08

Lauren is out of surgery and has been moved to the 5300 wing at Duke Medical Center. She came through the surgery fine but they are pretty sure they did not get all the tumor. They had to remove the whole left side of her soft palate as well as her left tonsil as the tumor was into the muscle. Repairing the palate is now going to be very difficult. It is probably going to be quite a while before it can be done and will require a graft from either her face or her arm. It will take at least a week before we get the biopsy back to confirm that we are still dealing with a benign teratoma. The Dr. said in about three months they will do another MRI to see if there is any tumor that they were unable to reach through her mouth. If there is still tumor they will have to go through her face and neck to get to it. The Dr. also still thinks that the tumor has grown so we will see what the future scans bring. It has been a long, stressful day. We have been at Duke since 6:45AM. This all means more surgeries, more scans, more questions, and more time, not just months but likely years.

If you try to call us tonight or over the next few days please do not take offense if we do not answer. We do realize God is still in control of this thing, but we are in need of some time to regroup as parents.


~ by Dan Browne on December 5, 2008.

One Response to “Lauren Surgery Update 12.5.08”

  1. As parents, we ask ourselves and God “WHY?” “Why is this happening to my child?” To watch your child suffer is devastating to any parent. I completely understand that you need this time to regroup. I can’t offer any words of wisdom during this time–only what you already know–God is the one true God and He is still in control. Please know that we love the three of you and you will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers, and those of this community, as you go through the next phase of this healing process. Please let us know if you need anything–we will be there at the drop of a hat if you need us to, but we will also respect your need for solitude if that is your need.

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