More on Lauren and a Housing Rant

The Family
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We had a wonderful Tuesday last week. Lauren had to get stuck nine times to get in IV in her. It was for her MRI with contrast. Which went fine after they got the IV. The great news? Dr. Grant does not think the tumor has grown! This is awesome. We have been very upset since the other doctor who will be removing the tumor from her palate on Friday said that it has. They went over the previous scans and showed us that like last time, gravity has caused it to drop down more. The part they are going to leave in her cavernous sinus has not grown either. Lauren will go in first thing Friday morning to have the tumor on her palate removed. They will not be fixing the palate at this time, that will be done over the course of a few surgeries in the distant future. She will still have the trach until the spring and the feeding tube until such time as she can eat by mouth which could be a few years.

I didn’t mention Monday. It was spent with the eye doctor checking out Lauren’s corneal abrasion (scratch) on her eye. We go back first thing in the morning to have it checked again. We are hoping she does not have the herpes simplex virus (think that’s right) in her eye. The plus side is that she has no corneal sensation in that eye so she can’t feel a thing otherwise she would be screaming bloody murder.

I’m sure there is more but well… I just can’t think of it.

We continue to have problems with our apartment. We have an issue every week. Really, every week. The heat went out last week on top of everything else and we where told it would be a week until it’s fixed. It’s hitting between the 20’s-30’s here every night. We told them to have it fixed same day or let us out of our lease. It’s fixed. What we where told would take a week took 2 hours. We have also been having almost daily issues with our toilets since moving in. They have fix them, I have fixed them, etc… well the new ones finally came and they didn’t fit. So they said they had ordered ones that would. That was a month ago. They lied. They never ordered them. So I will say this, we are moving as soon as our lease is up. All we want in life is a place to live that everything functions right. You would think that is easy to get but I tell you it’s not. Something as simple as toilets or heat truly makes our lives better in the midsts of everything else. I have had to fix towel bars that have come off the wall, shelves that have fallen (both because some idiot cut corners and didn’t use drywall mounts), there is a shelf that is about 6″ to short in the kitchen that things fall behind all the time, and I could go on. We have had to have the carpet replaced in our closet because it smelled of who knows what. There was a water leak in the apartment above us that stained and molded our celling… still not fixed, they forgot about it and we won’t let them spray stuff in the apartment because of Lauren’s medical stuff. I’ve been sitting here listening to the rain and noticed that water is leaking down our fireplace which is new since they where working on the roof a few days ago. Mold is bad for Lauren, with the trach she has no way to keep it out like we do with our noses. Did I mention the gates to our “gated community” have been broken for over 3 months and it looks like they are no going to repair them? They never fixed the celling above the water heater after the flood above us, it’s still hanging there. Some wire box for the AC had loose wires which melted and smelled really bad. They just bypassed.

Well thanks for allowing me to vent and if you read all that I’m truly sorry. I just needed to get it off my chest. I’ll go on later when I have more rant energy.

You might ask me if it’s aggravating and I would tell you yes, but I would also tell you that it’s just simply life. God’s the poker dealer and we are the players. We just simply have to work with the cards he deals us. I do think he deals them to us for reasons unknown to us, sometimes we get a pair or two, maybe a full house, or if we are lucky a royal flush. Other times we just keep folding and loosing our chips. It’s life and after this comes an eternity of love that will be unmatched.

~ by Dan Browne on December 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “More on Lauren and a Housing Rant”

  1. Your strength amazes me. If I were in your situation, I’d probably do much more than vent on a blog. I’m glad to see that the heat issue was resolved – nothing like the threat of a broken lease to light fire under a property manager’s lazy butt.

    Word of warning – when you move do not rent with Jim Lilley Properties unless you want more of the same problems you’ve been dealing with. An apartment complex I had luck with in Durham was Springfield Apartments. In Chapel Hill, a good apartment complex is Meadowmont (

    I hope you don’t mind but I passed on this link to my pastor, to get Lauren and your family on our prayer chain. Hope that’s okay!

  2. Thanks for the info Jen, we really want to move into a 3 bedroom house when we are able to. I need my space for a home office/studio which would not go over well in an apartment. The big issue is price, but that’s for another time. Thank you for visiting my blog yet again.

    Please feel free to share my blog and about Lauren with all you come into contact. The more people that pray for her the better. All we ask for is prayer, and we leave the rest to God.

  3. Dan and Bec,
    I will be praying for Lauren and both of you. Sorry life is getting in the way right now, but I have a feeling that life is on the upswing for you. Hope you find the house you need soon.
    Love ya’ll

  4. Great picture, Dannie Boy! You’ve got 2 lovely ladies in your life.

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