Lauren Update 11.6.08

I don’t even know where to start.

As some of you (those in SC) found out, traveling with Lauren out of state is just not going to work so well. We have decided not to travel that far again until such time as her trach is removed, which now looks like March or April. It will be about 3 months after the tumor is removed from her palate which looks like it will be as early as December.

So traveling with Lauren… It was our desire to surprise friends in Williston this last weekend and bring Lauren to First Baptist for Homecoming. Our plans did not work out. We got to town Friday afternoon and everything was going great. Around midnight Lauren started coughing really bad and Beck and I where up with her through the night and ended up in the ER at the Medical College of George in the morning. We spent 8 hours there before we had Bonnie Yon bring us our belongings. We knew when MCG wanted to admit her for a few days that we would be taking the fast track back to Duke Medical Center and we did. It took 6 hours by ambulance. We arrived back in Durham around 1AM and where very tired. I sent Beck home to sleep and I stayed with Lauren. She was discharged on Tuesday, again nothing grew in the cultures they did and she was negative for RSV even though she spent most of this hospitalization on contact isolation. She responded to the antibiotics well as usual although she also broke out in a viral rash (its better now).

She got me sick. I was contagious but I am no longer. I’ll be on antibiotics for the next week. I still feel like junk but hey what else is new.

Today (Thursday) we took Lauren to her ENT appointment and they also did a CT scan. We heard some shocking news, news we did not expect nor even thought about. We where hoping for some closure as I have said before. Every appoitment we hope for it, but today was not that day. Before the doctor looked at the CT results she looked in Lauren’s mouth and said “Wow, the tumor has grown!” She could see it with her own eyes, and later when she looked at the CT it only confirmed it. She could visually see a difference. As of the last MRI and scope which was done in late August early September nothing had changed. In the entire 8 months of her life nothing had changed, nothing really grew, nothing. The tumor was said to be benign (which it may still be), very slow growing, mature type 1 teratoma.

We where and still are shocked. They are going to be doing an MRI later this month and have her on the schedule (tentative) for surgery in early December but this raises a lot of questions. What about the part they left in her cavernous sinus? They did not want to touch it because it would be “devastating” to quote one of her doctors. To remove that part if they had to could kill her, thats why they left it. Her chances are better if they don’t go in there and up to this point it never changed. Till she gets the MRI later this month we will not know. The fact it’s grown more in her palate suggests to us that it has changed, again since it has not so far we where not expecting this. Please continue to pray for her and us. We feel like we have been thrust back into the unknown once again.


~ by Dan Browne on November 6, 2008.

4 Responses to “Lauren Update 11.6.08”

  1. In my prayers…

  2. Not sure if my comment came through, but you’re in my prayers.

  3. praying for you as always. let us know when the surgery gets scheduled.

  4. Dan, you know we’re praying buddy!

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