What’s been going on…

First off I am excited about the response to the previous post about the book unChristian, I just thought I would share. You would think I have read more but I have to confess I have not. I’ve been doing reading for a mentorship program I am part of for the next 10 weeks and I wanted to get a head start on that, if you want to check out the guy who is mentoring me just look in my blog roll, it’s none other then Justin Ross. The mentoring program is through Life in Student Ministry, which is also on my blog roll. So I will be getting back to unChristian later this week. So what else…

O yeah, last week I was struggling with bronchitis. Spent 5 days on antibiotics and wore myself out. I actually slept Thursday afternoon from 12PM until 8AM, I pretty much could not function anymore. Then Lauren went back into the hospital for observation Friday night and came home Saturday night. Her respirations where up and they think she picked up some virus, it’s much safer for her to be at Duke then home when this happens and less stress on us when it comes to her care. Needless to say she is home and is doing well. She has her moments of fussiness but hey who doesn’t right?

Monday I went back to the doctors. I’m still not feeling better. The doc put me on an even stronger antibiotic and said he is pretty sure I have developed walking phenomena in part of my right lung. I also took our 2001 Saturn SL2 in for the NC state inspection which it failed. $1200 later it passed. I think I had a case of the Monday’s. To be honest, the car is running much better but I have to say I miss living in Florida where you don’t have inspections every year.

What else… the dog is sick on and off. Poor girl puked up on a bedspread in Lauren’s room right after Beck washed it. It’s never a dull one in our house. Oh yeah Beck is getting sick. She can’t get sick. She is the glue that holds our house together. She thinks she is picking up whatever virus Lauren has or had. So please pray that we all get better and our world becomes a happier place like “It’s a Small World” at Disney.

I’m off to bed to cuddle with my wife and try to get some well needed rest. Hope this finds you all well.

~ by Dan Browne on October 7, 2008.

One Response to “What’s been going on…”

  1. Hey Dan! Sorry you guys were ill, hope you’re all on the mend now. We still miss you guys and enjoy updates….speaking of which, we would love to see some newer pix of Lauren! Love to you all, Jennie

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