Another Lauren Post

I’m sorry to everyone that I have not been able to update you on Lauren. I have come down with something as well as of Sunday and me being sick on top of Lauren and the dog being sick has made ot difficult. So far Beck has not become sick and we are lucky for that. She is the center of our household right now and if she goes down… well… we will crash and burn at home.

So Lauren… yeah she’s home, came home late Monday afternoon. She was doing much better yesterday, today however, she seems worse then yesterday so we took her to the doctors just to make sure. He thinks it’s just the backside of what she has. We are to watch her vitals on her monitor and if it seem worse tomorrow they will do another chest x-ray. The doctors could not get anything to grow in the lab and nothing really showed up in her lungs so they still don’t know what it is/was. They do pretty much think it was pneumonia and or a trach infection.

That’s about it. I need to finish prep for church tonight so I’m out.


~ by Dan Browne on September 17, 2008.

One Response to “Another Lauren Post”

  1. Hi Dan,
    Since we could not be in church tonight I was checking to see how Lauren was doing.Thanks for the update . Our family will certainly remember her and Rebecca in our prayers.

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