Lauren Update

We are sitting in room 5102 at Duke. Lauren was admitted this morning after we brought her to the ER for the second time in less then 24 hours. We where here yesterday afternoon for about 6 hours after her speech appointment because both Beck and I thought something was wrong. I.E. she was not acting herself, and her incision looked like it might be getting infected. After the x-rays and stuff they sent us home because they could not find anything wrong. This brings us to this morning when I woke up and went in to relieve the nurse. She told me she had not slept all night and was running a temperature. When I held her I could tell something was really up. She had been coughing a lot and it was at that point she coughed up blood-tinged stuff out of her trach.

I woke my dear sweet wife and we packed her up and headed back to Duke. We did more x-rays, put in an IV, antibiotics, oxygen, etc… They think there is a possibility she might be developing pneumonia but it’s way to early to tell. The Doctors don’t really no what is going on right now because we are still in the development stages. They are pretty sure it has to do with respiratory and not the tumor.

More to follow.


~ by Dan Browne on September 13, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lauren Update”

  1. Hey folks, I was listening to Joel Olsteen and something told me to check and see if there was any recent news on little Lauren. I don’t like what I read, I will go pray immediately for God’s healing hand to be on little Lauren. Hang in there Beck and Dan you have the best of care for her. Pray and I will send emails out for prayer. Love you and keep us posted. Jean

  2. praying for you guys!

  3. So, how is Lauren doing?

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