FOR the city

The Austin Stone is not going to be just a church in the city of Austin…it’s going to be a church FOR the city of Austin.

I read these words over on Bush’s blog yesterday and I feel God really convicting me about this as it relates to our church and more specifically REFUGE our student ministry here. What would happen if we as believers took this idea and actually did something about it in our communities, our neighborhoods, our cities? Man students what if we took this to our schools? What if we as a church moved from being in our cities to being FOR our cities? Check this video they made to share this vision with their people.

It also brought to light a song I heard at a worship service for a World Changers Mission project we helped with this summer, check it out too.

Try this…
(your church name here) is not going to be just a church in the city of (your city)…it’s going to be a church FOR the city of (your city).

Is this your prayer? Your hope? Your desire? The desire of your church? The desire of God?


~ by Dan Browne on September 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “FOR the city”

  1. Hey, Dan – how is Rebecca doing? We think of her often at work and miss her. Send her our thoughts, would you? Maybe you should get a site just for Lauren, like caring bridge or something… Renee

  2. We are doing good, staying busy… Lauren is well. If you email me dan at I’ll give you our home phone so you can talk with Rebecca if you would like.

    Creating a separate site for Lauren would require a lot more time on my part to keep up to date and Rebecca and I have made two sites already, both of which required a lot from us so we canned them. Updating her page here is a lot easier since this is a general hub for a lot of readers and churches etc… who are praying for Lauren. Thank you for the thought though.

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