Driving in Durham

For those of you who don’t know or are hearing miss information let me clarify some things. Yes, I was in a car accident today and contrary to popular belief it is my first ever accident. Was it my fault? I would say not. Did I hit his car? Yes, he pulled out in front of me and stopped abruptly at a corner in Durham that I have almost been hit at 4, yes 4 other times. I would drive another way to church but the church is on this road and I am all about saving gas. Let me clarify that this was a VERY MINOR FENDER BENDER!!! the gentlemen was driving to the airport (I assume to take his son who was with him). Both where quite amazed that I stayed calm the entire time. The son was from NYC and said that people there just explode. Well, I think the damage was done, it was after all an accident, it’s not like he pulled out in front of me on purpose, so why get all bent out of shape and cuss about it? I don’t think it would have helped at all and I could see the driver was visibly shaken, my temper flaring out would have just made things worse.

How would you have handled it?


~ by Dan Browne on September 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Driving in Durham”

  1. I was hit from behind from someone who was watching their child in the back seat. I didn’t get upset either and in the end I invited them to come to church.

  2. What intersection is that anyway? I gotta make sure I stay away from there.

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