Lauren 8.26.08

We took Lauren to her post-op appointment today. Dr. Grant said everything looks good and we can taker her anywhere we want now. we will go for an MRI in three months to make sure everything continues to look stable, tomorrow we will wee the ophthalmologist but her eye seems to be improving. Now the goal is to get her eating by mouth and past her cleft pallet surgery so we can get the trach out.

The big think I am excited about is that I get to have my entire family at church on Sunday. To me that’s huge to others it might be lame, but it feels odd sitting there when I know my wife is at home and has this desire to be in God’s house and worship in community.


~ by Dan Browne on August 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lauren 8.26.08”

  1. Hi Dan ,

    Thanks for the update. How about some updated photos of Lauren?

    Thnaks ,
    Beth Webb

  2. Dear Dan and Rebecca,
    I am relieved to hear the reports are good with Lauren. I unfortunately lost your contact information and been relying on others to hear updates from you. But now I have them thanks to branning. Just wanted to let you know we had not forgotten about you and you have been in our prayers!
    Love Cassandra Adams

  3. what wonderful news – it so amazing to read the updates and all so positive. i went to eye appt. last week and we all talked about lauren’s progress. keep us posted and i can see the three of you in Church Sunday – i only wish it were at our Church. you are where God wants you to be and we are happy for you. God will continue to bless you and we will continue to praise Him. Love, from the Frederick’s

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