Recruit-a-Friend: World of Warcraft

WoW is now offering a very good recruit a friend program so if you are interested send me an email or post a comment and I will send you an invite. I only have 5 invites so only the serious need apply. With the new expansion coming out things are going to greatly change and now is the time to get involved! I’ve posted the benefits below as well as the video trailer and yes those are in game graphics.


Here are some of the benefits if I recruit you and or you recruit others:

::Recruited players are now ‘linked’ to the player account the invitation was sent from.

::Grouping with a linked player allows both of you to level very quickly. As long as your character and the recruit character are relatively even level, you’ll both recieve 3x the normal experience.

::Recruiting players can summon their friends to them once an hour, via a spell, up to level 60.

::For every two levels a recruited player earns, he can grant one level to a character played by the veteran. This character must be lower level than the recruit player’s character.

::If the recruit upgrades to a full account from the 10-day trial, these benefits last a full 90 days.

::If the recruit buys a two month subscription as well as upgrading, the recruiting player is granted a unique Zhevra mount.


~ by Dan Browne on August 25, 2008.

3 Responses to “Recruit-a-Friend: World of Warcraft”

  1. oh please invite me! I want to be able to sit at a desk all night long and think I’m the coolest guy in the cyber-world cause I can heal people, fly, beat up dragons, and “meet” people I never will actually see in person ever! Oh please, please PLEASE invite me!!!

  2. Didn’t we get on to Matt about playing EverQuest? My how the table has turned!

  3. Bill… we helped Matt even though he got mad he thanked us later. I’ve meet at least four of the people in my guild. They attend my church and three of them are students in or about the student ministry here. WoW a ministry tool? Yes. Hey check out this link about Christians playing WoW and other online games.

    If it gets in the way of life you can personally take the train up here and shut it off, then we can go fishin’!

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