Check it out

Jesus & Java has a new domain! So update your fav’s and I hope to hear from you soon! The new domain is the old one still works too (it’s just much longer).

We crossed the 20,000 hit mark today @ Jesus & Java by over 600 hits! Thank you for stopping by and more importantly for prayer for our daughter Lauren. We also beat out the 666 hits in a day but it won’t count because I am unable to change the tracking time from GMT. Thanks WordPress (I still love ya over all others).


~ by Dan Browne on August 7, 2008.

One Response to “Check it out”

  1. Hi Rebecca & Dan. I just want you guys to know that I had
    Lauren on my mind yesterday and last night. We (Madison, Dewey and Myself) prayed for several days. I couldn’t get the surgery date off of my mind. Now that I have a child, I can feel and better understand what you must be going through.I miss you guys and work is not the same without Rebecca. I hope to see you guys after Lauren is ready to travel. She is such a beautiful baby!!!

    My prayers are with you.
    Renae R.

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