Would the real Job Please Stand Up!

This week has been crazy for us. As I write this we are less then a week out from Lauren’s big surgery. As the hour draws near my wife and I feel more and more attacked from all side. We have been feeling sick, wether it’s from an actual bug or stress and exhaustion from Lauren’s situation we don’t know. What we do know is we have been walking around the house with masks on and not handling our baby girl as much because she cant get sick. Infection = cancelled surgery. We can’t allow it to happen. Lauren has made some huge strides this week , she is such a self proclaimed rock star doing everything from sitting up on her own and balancing her self on all limbs extend on my chest (for just about 5-7 seconds) to actually mimicking Beck and the nurses by waving back at them. She is in amazing girl, so full of life.

My father has been to the doctor a bunch this past week and has to have injections in his eye because he is developing a form of macular degeneration. He is still planning to drive don from Kentucky with my stepmom on the 5th.

My mother who lives in Florida was taken to the ER earlier this week because of complications with a hip replacement she had earlier this month. She has since been readmitted and has had to go back into surgery to have the area reopened. She was having a large about of green nasty pus and everything else coming out of the site and they had to pack it the gauzes and give her a large dose of antibiotics to try in stop the sever staph infection that has decided to take up it’s place inside her body.

Think I’m done?

Rebecca’s Brother’s son Gavin who is a week from his 1st birthday has this cyst/abscess thing on his neck. I’m trying to understand all the details but what I have gotten is it comes close to the bone. They where going to drain it tonight but decided hey want to do a CT with contrast before they do the surgery on him. He has been admitted to a hospital in Pensacola, FL. The believe the thing is a staph infection or possibly but not likely mercer. We will know tomorrow after the drain it and send the stuff off to be cultured.

Next let us look at Beck’s brother AKA Gavin’s father. He has a staph infection on his leg that he is getting antibiotics for after the doctor sent him to the ER. It seems it’s never a dull moment for our family.

Please don’t forget that our dog has been sick and throwing up all around the house. She went to the vet (who is awesome and goes to our church) and she put her on some meds and a different kind of dog food which really seems to suit Sadie well.

I shared all this stress we are having with the youth I am pastor over at REFUGE this week and asked that if they thought about our family over the next week to just lift a simple authentic prayer up for us. See I feel awkward I have to tell you, to lead a prayer for my own concerns. I’m sure there is no Biblical reason but I feel for some reason that it would come out of selfish motives and I shared that as well. To my surprise, one of the students came up to me after the others had left and asked if they could pray for our family right there and I said sure. So they did, and in the midsts of this students brokenness, their tears, and passion was an authentic prayer that I would say touched the very heart of God. I love it when students shake things up and show a form of spiritual maturity that I think is lacking in many people today. I could go on about this but thats for another post.

~ by Dan Browne on July 31, 2008.

3 Responses to “Would the real Job Please Stand Up!”

  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to invite you over to my new home if I haven’t already, to share my stories of what God has done in my life. Someone called me a spammer, I guess I could be called that. Spamming for Jesus… http://www.drunkdreamer8.com

    My friend visit my site, your are a target for the enemy, however read my blog on Shout… Physically your are standing in the gap for your family you need to pray and release.

  2. Dan & Rebecca, We continue to lift all of you in prayer but will be remembering the rest of your families as well. We miss you all & wish you were here to bring over a meal to you or cut your grass. Countinue to seek his face! My favorite verse- I am holding you by your right hand- I, the Lord your God- and I say to you, Don’t be afraid, I am here to help you. Isaiah 41:13 Love Tammy T.

  3. hey dan this jennifer hickman i just wanted to say we miss you and the youth and all of us will be praying for you and lauren and the whole family. hope the surgery goes well and know that lauren is in Gods hands and he will keep her safe and help you guys thriugh this.

    We love you guys
    Jennifer Hickman

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