Lauren Update

If your on Facebook then check out this piece of flair, it’s a reminder to all to pray for Lauren. Just search in the Flair addon for “Pray for Lauren”

We took Little Miss Lauren to 8 appointments this week. Always a blast! Right? We have 5 already for next week. Mind you 3 of them each week are speech, PT, and OT. They are standing appointments until her surgery which is still scheduled for the 6th of August.

We meet with the Oncologist and Neurosurgeon this week and all looks good. They did an MRI to make sure the tumor is still stable and it is. As long as lauren does not get sick everything will go as planned. They are not sure how long the actual surgery to remove the tumor will take so they have the OR booked for the Day. They expect her to be in the PICU for at least a week and then step-down for another week if everything goes well. It will take a week to get the biopsy back of what they remove, if there does happen to be cancer cells they will start chemo in about a month after the surgery. We are hoping this is not the case and they are not expecting it since the 2 large biopsy’s they have done have not been cancer.

Please continue to pray for no sickness between now and the surgery and that she will not get any infections in the OR or while in the hospital. Also pray that they do not have to take her carotid artery as this could be catastrophic. The artery as well as the trigeminal nerve are in the area in which the tumor is located and they have no way to tell if it’s involved or not until they are physically in there. The incision will be rather large but their goal is to keep it in the hair line so not to scare her pretty face. They will also have to remove a part of her skull in order to reach and remove the tumor. They will have to remove part of her periostium to put in place of the tumor and may have to lay down synthetic mesh work where the bone has been eroded to make sure the brain does not herniate. That’s pretty much it in a rather large nutshell. It’s quite a lot for a 5 month old to go through so please keep up the prayers.


~ by Dan Browne on July 19, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lauren Update”

  1. Kim & I no longer have your phone number & I do not have an e-mail address on you. Please provide it if you don’t mind.
    We are still praying as the surgery gets closer.
    Have a great weekend with Jesus,
    Uncle Steve

  2. Dan, Bec, and Lauren,
    You are all in our prayers daily. Please keep up your blog so we can keep up with you. Give Lauren a kiss from Williston. She is so beautiful.
    Leigh, Chris, Justin, Caroline, and Orry Burt

  3. just have faith in God, everything will be fine..I know God will keep your little angel from any harm, He is a loving Father just hang on Him..Godbless

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