4th of July Weekend

It’ was pretty uneventful… kidding. We spent the morning of the fourth at Duke Medical Center in the ER with Lauren. Somehow her feeding tube came out and the hole closed up so we rushed her there to have the doctors reopen it, which took a bit of time as did the two x-rays they had to do, one with contrast and one without to make sure it was placed correctly. How the feeding tube came out is quite a puzzle at the moment. We have yet to figure it out, what irritated us about the whole situation is the nurse just stood there when Rebecca said, “Where is her g tube!” and saw it hanging from the end of the feeding tube. Rebecca was the one who tried to put it back in, not the nurse. Enough said there.

Later that afternoon came the poop heard around the world which you can view in the previous post. I was at work so I missed that excitement.

The evening of the fourth was spent with our friends Jim & Sylvia Greenlee, Jim is the pastor of the church I am currently serving at. A great time was had by all despite the fireworks getting rained out and God displaying some of his own. I wish I would have brought my camera but at the urging of my wife I left it home.

Saturday was our 5th Anniversary and I took Rebecca to one of our favorite places called “The Melting Pot” it’s rather expensive so we don’t go often but the food and experience is great, It’s a fondue restaurant and dinner took about 2 hours. We had a private romantic booth with a curtain that is drawn closed, it made for great intimate conversation, something we don’t get to often with all the changes and stuff we are going through in our lives right now.

Sunday was good too… please note, never take two maximum strength Benadryl before you play any type of solo. I was wiped. I did totally bail on the last note of the solo and laughed about it too. It was one of those moments when I was like “I hit it every time in rehearsal why not now?” Church was good never the less.

My wife and I rocked it out on Guitar Hero III when I got home. She is getting much better.


~ by Dan Browne on July 7, 2008.

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