Supporting Soldiers

Today I dropped by Family Christian and saw that you can purchase a Bible and put a personal note of encouragement into it that will be sent to our troops over seas. As a added bonus they will send a copy of Third Day’s Album “Wherever You Are.” So for less then $5 bones you can give a Bible, a word of encouragement & some tunes out to a soldier and show your support for them as we reflect on our Independence this week.

Support a soldier… I did.


~ by Dan Browne on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Supporting Soldiers”

  1. What does Third Day do with the money?

  2. They do nothing from what I can gather, I assume it’s used to pay for the Bible at a discounted price. The idea is that your purchasing it and it’s been shipped to soldiers over seas with your personal message. I believe it’s more through Family Christian Stores then Third Day. Here’s the link with info.

    I didn’t purchase the “new” CD that drops later this month, but paid for the Bible and a copy of “Wherever You Are” to be sent.

    (I buy all my music via iTunes) I have about 50lbs. of CD cases at the house and need no more.

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