Offending God

I just can’t get over it or past it. We get so caught up in life, in church, in or jobs, in everything. We get caught up in not offending John Doe or Billy Jean because our words or actions could be taken wrong even when they are things that need to be said or done but we don’t give a second thought to offending God. We would rather offended the creator then the creation.

I was watching Pollyanna the other night, yeah some of you are laughing now, but it was on TV and hey what can you watch on TV now that is worth watching?

Anyway, Haley Mills character says something astonishing… “You can’t own a church.”

Today, many people can and do own churches.

What’s your take?


~ by Dan Browne on June 23, 2008.

One Response to “Offending God”

  1. I think…you’re right.

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