Durham 2 Week Review

We have been in Durham for 2 weeks now “officially” that is. Things are going well, We have opted to have night time nursing for Lauren which will be better for us in the long run. We may actually get to sleep, who knows. The down side is that it makes taking her to appointments a lot more difficult since it’s hard to travel with her with only one person and that person is driving. We have 2 nurses that are rotating and we like them both very well. They will be adding one or two more to cover in case of an emergency etc…

Lauren is good, we are trying to assess what formula is going to work best for her and are between two right now. Feeding tends to give her very bad gas, which she can not burp up since she has the Nissin stomach wrap. Hard to explain but trust me, it only comes out one way. She almost pulled her trach out the other day but we have been waiting for that. Her feeding tube was changed this week to what is called a “Mickey” and no it has nothing to do with the mouse. It’s much flatter against her stomach so she can actually do tummy time. The other advantage is that after you feed her you simply undo the tube and nothing is left hanging off of her.

Lauren has discovered her toys and loves wiping her frog back and forth. I think she may be a lefty but it’s way to early to tell, she does seem to lean toward that hand though. She has also discovered that she can touch her knees and we have been showing her her feet. She plays with them a little. The most fun seems to be grabbing daddy’s goatee, when ever she does she gets this huge smile on her face and runs her hands through it.

It seems that she is growing up fast and her surgery is coming like a Mac Truck from Ice Road Truckers, it’s scheduled for the 6th of August incase you have missed that. Well… that’s all pretty much going on in our new world.


~ by Dan Browne on June 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Durham 2 Week Review”

  1. Dan ,

    I want to see new pictures of her. Did you make it to N C with the baby gift? Tell the girls hello for us.

    Thanks ,

    Beth , David , & Russell Webb

  2. Glad everything is ok up there. We miss you, Beck, and Lauren!

  3. Thanks for the update – I have people asking if we have heard from you. I know more now August 6th is the big day. Please keep us posted so we can know what to pray for. Call on your new Church family to help you and pray for you. They are there for you. We love you, Jean

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