Lauren Update

Lauren has been home since Friday. It’s been really crazy, we are sill trying to get moved into the apt and everything. We have had nurses and other people in and out every day. Lauren went to her speech appointment today and they changed her trach to a 3.5mm and they put on her speaking valve and she cried. It’s the first time anyone has heard her in quite some time. It made Beck cry, the nurse who was traveling with her cry, and everyone else too. I was at work so I could not be there. If I was… then yes, I would have cried also.

Speaking of work, I am now the Student Pastor at Farrington Road Baptist Church here in Durham… well, I guess the church is really in Chapel Hill. Either way, it’s North Carolina. I’m still getting moved into my office, I had to take a break today due to a horrible migraine headache but I was able to make it back to church to teach the youth this evening. We had 9 there tonight and I felt good about it. I think God has called us here as he did when he called us to Williston.

I want to encourage the students and adults here in NC to pray for those in SC and vise versa as each group is facing changes in their local ministries. We should continue to lift each other up to God.

~ by Dan Browne on June 12, 2008.

7 Responses to “Lauren Update”

  1. Thanks for the update. Best wishes in your new ministry!!

  2. Dear Dan,
    I amkeeping up with you and your family through your blog.This is Tami Reynolds(Jennifer,Jessica and James mom) I am keeping you all in my prayers the pictures of your daughter are awesome! she is beautiful.Well looks like my leg will have to be amputated I will know more next Thursday I saw the picture of your daughter her big eyes wide open tubes everywhere but she had a big smile on her face what an inspiration that child is she is going through so much and in spite of it all she was smiling. Again I am keeping ya’ll in my prayers GOD is so AWESOME!!!!!

  3. Hey guys! We will miss you all so much here in Williston! Keeping you all in our prayers. Keep us updated. Its easy to see that God is working in your lives.

  4. Dan ,

    Glad to hear so much good news from you. Please post more pictures. Tell Bec & Lauren hello for us.

    Beth , David , and Russell Webb

  5. Wow, I’m new to your site and I’m just getting caught up on Lauren’s story. I will add you guys to our prayer list and check back to see how she’s doing.

  6. Hey Brad thanks for stopping buy. Adding Lauren to prayer lists is huge. So many individuals and churches have poured out their love this way for her and I still stand amazed at God and the power of his people when they pray.

  7. Hey Beck and Dan, We miss you three so much. I went to Dr. Smith’s last week and they all were interested to see if I knew anything from you. I told them the website is the latest for all of us. Lauren is beautiful and I would have cried with you and the crew to hear her cry. I can tell from reading God is alive in your lives and working for you. Keep the faith and we all love you and will continue praying for great news in the future. Love you, Jean Frederick

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