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I have to say, I really need to update the sidebar on my blog, I have long since finished Contemplative Youth Ministry and would encourage anyone working with students, paid or not to pick it up and read it. I think it will change the way you think when it comes to our daily work with students. I may make it required reading for the next church’s volunteers I get to work alongside.

I’m still reading the Bible and that devotional, Fee is still on my iPod but I don’t think it’s the big thing I am listening to right now. In fact I would have to say I have taken a break from music all together. I don’t listen to anything when I am driving or setting in my office. My iPod has sat in my “man bag” as David Richardson would say, for more then a month.

I am reading a Don Miller book, “Through Painted Deserts” and love it. I actually want to read the “unabridged” raw version if there is one. You know his notes and thoughts, the scribbles etc…

I have the new Ted Dekker novel “Adam” sitting here and I swear to you Ted, if this is anything related to the trilogy I am going to scream. I mean, the trilogy was great but every book since then relates, which is not bad, I get what your doing, but I want another Thr3e. I didn’t even pick up Skin. I want new, raw, different. Your the only Christian Fiction author I read. Period.


~ by Dan Browne on June 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “The Sidebar”

  1. Thr3e was a great novel- I’ve never got around to reading the trilogy. I guess I just forget about it.

    I’m on the waiting list at the library for Vince Flynn’s new book that came out last fall. It will be interesting to see what Mitch Rapp will do next.

    I just finished my first novel by James Grippando. Reminded me of an old Grisham courtroom story. I’m going to be reading some more of his stuff.

  2. Yeah Justin, good to see you man. Flynn is awesome. If you like him pick up a Brad Thor the link to his site is in the sidebar, you wont be disappointed. He is very much like Flynn. I hope Dekker does not let me down on this one. I’m almost to the point of walking away from Christian Fiction all together. I just think the stories leave me wanting more, it’s the same with Christian films. The artist in me desires more.

  3. Adam is a very wonderful novel. I like it

  4. I hope it is Harry, I just want something that is not related to the Trilogy (no matter how good it was). I’m being selfish, Dekker is excellent writer. I just desire… I don’t know what I desire.

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