Lauren 5.2.08

So we saw Lauren this morning. Her surgery last night went well. She was supposed to go back around 2PM but didn’t go back until 7PM. We left the hospital around 10PM and headed for our room. They put in the tracheotomy, the feeding tube, did the stomach wrap thing, and took out a 2CM piece of the tumor to send off for biopsy. She is still pretty swollen all over, especially her head. Over the corse of the next week the swelling should go down.

Dr. Grant came by this morning and said they are throwing around a date for the surgery, possibly around the 14-15 of May. It will definitely be before June gets here. He also said that the CAT scan suggests what he thought, that the bone did erode some and the tumor has slid down. We are hoping that it will mean less work on the top side of things but only time will really tell. All we can ask is that you continue to pray for Lauren and the team of doctors. We are hoping to get it all done at Duke but there has also been mention of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for the lower part, it’s still way to early to tell.


~ by Dan Browne on May 2, 2008.

4 Responses to “Lauren 5.2.08”

  1. Dan & Bec ,

    So glad to read that this procedure is over. We keep praying that little Lauren will gain strength and zip right through her other hurddles.
    With our prayers,
    Beth , David , and Russell Webb

  2. Please continue to keep us posted and let us know if we can do anything for you! We are all praying for you, Rebecca and Lauren!

  3. Dan and Rebecca,
    You, Lauren and the doctors are constantly in our prayers. Is there anything else we can do to help?

  4. Dan, Thanks for keeping us up dated. I report to our Sunday School Class every Sunday how Lauren is doing. We have her picture up on our bulletin board so that when we lift her up we have that pretty little face in our mind. We love you all. Tammy

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