Lauren 4.22.08

Hey ya all please pray for Lauren. She has been eating and having her formula come out her nose (remember she has the clef pallet) it’s always been very little while she is actually feeding or none at all. Most of the time it’s spit up afterword. Since Sunday night as soon as we put the bottle to her mouth and she starts to drink it comes out her nose immediately flowing like the Mississippi, you wipe it away and start again and it’s the same thing. Rebecca took her to the doctor today and he sent her straight away to the hospital for chest x-rays. After which she is to return to his office and wait for the results. He is not sure what is going on but said we are most likely going to be heading back to Duke University Medical Center today to have a feeding tube put in and more tests run.

***Lauren’s Page has been updated. More photos now.***

***Update to today***
We don’t have to go to Duke right now. They said we could if we wanted to. Duke is talking about having a permanent feeding tube put in so we can feed Lauren through her belly. We are going later in the week for a consult with some physicians at MCG to do this. Duke said we can get this done locally with no problems. Please pray for us, we feel like we are on this emotional roller coaster that just won’t stop (reminds me of a song from the 90’s).

~ by Dan Browne on April 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lauren 4.22.08”

  1. Dan, I just looked at Lauren’s new pictures. She is such a beautiful baby! You guys are such a great looking family. We will continue to pray for Lauren.

  2. I love the pictures! Lauren is so beautiful! Prayers always!

  3. Dan & Rebecca, She is just beautiful! We are still lifting Lauren and the both of you up in prayer in our Sunday School class & church. I have a very good friend who’s son had to have a feeding tube, (he just turned 6) if you would like to talk with her let me know. Wish you were here so we could help you out! Miss you. Love, Tammy

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