Are You One of Them?

“America has the 4th largest number of lost people in the world.” according to the banner I just read on (the Southern Baptist Convention website). Amazing. We have the 4th largest number, we also (don’t quote me) have the most Christians per square mile of any country. I think that because according to this site there are 2.1 Billion of us worldwide, 224 Million in the US.

So what does that say? We as Christians live in one of the most prosperous nations of the world, yet we can’t share Jesus with the dude next door? Sad.

Jesus called us to Jerusalem first (Acts 1:8) which I think many of us as Christians have forgotten or maybe the truth is that going to Jerusalem means we might have to actually get our hands dirty for Jesus in our own backyards instead of just sending money to someone else to do the dirty work.

Since we are the most heavily populated Christian nation going to Judea should not require much work beyond Jerusalem if we all decided to get involved.

But we won’t… we are the benchwarmers when it comes to reaching our own nation, the majority of us would rather let other “false religions” do it for us.


~ by Dan Browne on April 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Are You One of Them?”

  1. One means of sharing our faith is the Web. is set up to encourage and equip Christians to do this!

  2. Ouch indeed. Thanks for speaking to this, Dan.

  3. Thanks Tony for the link. I think it’s great that people can share their faith over the web. I am an avid gamer and do so through xbox live and some games I play. However I can log off and am not be personally face with walking along side that person I just spoke with. I don’t think you can truly “Do life together” on the internet. Digital can never be organic. When your along side that someone dealing with divorce or addiction it’s so much more involved then sitting at your computer. You laugh together, you cry together, you take them physically into your arms and pray together. Your in community.

    I also think that internet evangelism is no different then just sending money to over seas missions. They both are good and needed but require little from us other then writing a check or chatting it up with someone for just a bit. We are not engaged.

    I think that we need to get down on our knees and get the dirt on us that Jesus did. I want the dirt from my Rabbi’s feet to cover me from head to toe and we as Christians in America should do that. Maybe the churches in the countries we go to should start sending missionaries to the US. I think we have taken on a form of local evangelism in our country that does not require us in any way to invest in the lives of those in our communities whether they are Christian or not. This is not every church of course, but I do believe it represents the majority. I always hear that in our churches 10% of the people do 100% of the work. It makes me wonder.

    Hey thanks for the link man. Promise this is not an attack on you, I think you have a valid point when it comes to new forms of outreach, I just think we as Christians in the US are moving farther away from being physically involved with our communities in a daily hands on approach to these people in our country.

  4. you almost sound pastoral dan

  5. Yeah i get that from you… remember I’m a student pastor so I’m not a “real” pastor yet. I guess I’ll never be a “real” pastor since I feel God has lead me to student ministry and nothing else.

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