Random Distractions

I’m sitting here in my office at the church, it’s 10:28PM EST. Saturday. I’m tired, I’m blogging. I left the power supply for my MacBook Pro at home so I would not stay here long. My computer is very much a distraction. As you can see I am on it now. I feel like I have lacked focus as of late. I know is due to many factors. Our dryer plug is now fused to the wall on our porch. Apparently the BBQ my wife smelled yesterday was really an electrical fire (People where BBQ though, in her defense). The good news… it’s going to get fixed this weekend. It took me forever to figure out which breaker it went too… which is also freaky since it didn’t trip it so our house could have burnt down. Thank God it did not. It’s also not on it’s own 220 breaker, in fact it’s not on a 220 at all and shares a 120 breaker with the washer and freezer. Yikes. Bad. Again. I’m distracted. I have not written in my journal in quite awhile. I think I’m going to tonight. I tend to enjoy writing as much as I do reading and my Xbox 360.


~ by Dan Browne on April 5, 2008.

2 Responses to “Random Distractions”

  1. hey, at least your distractions are all legitimate! Sick daughter, faulty wiring, etc. Mine are things like seeing what’s new on arstechnica.com, or what my bebo/facebook friends are up to. Or worse, checking my Hitslink/Google Analytics stats every 5 minutes. Breathe deeply, relax 🙂

  2. I thank the good Lord I do not have an xbox 360 nor will I buy one. It would truly take over my life.

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