Student Life Tour ’08:: Spartanburg

What a weekend. It was full of amazing stuff. I took our two student leaders to Student Life ’08. Man God spoke to me and I think them as well. It was nice to get away and focus, you know rethink somethings. We sat down and hacked out our current youth group situation and I shared with them my passion about moving us toward a “ministries” perspective over just being a youth “group”. We have a hurting and poverty stricken community across the fence of our church and we do jack about it. It kills me. Are we Christ centered or “us” centered? The flat out answer is “us.”

I pray our students discover their identity in Christ and this weekend was geared toward that via SLT08. SL always goes 100% with everything they do and this weekend was no exception. The drama was excellent, well rehearsed, and focused. The speakers did a great job of engaging students which is hard when you realize the average attention span of a given teen is about 15 minutes. Spur58 provided the music set. They moved flawlessly from their own music, which you should go out and buy, to other worship songs both hymn and modern. Their album Sleepwalkers is like a tasty porterhouse steak aged, seasoned, and cooked medium over an open fire.

It was also good to meet the writers of a few blogs I read. Some guy with a paper mirror (you should read the story, it’s worth the time), some photographic dude with nice bass chops and a beard that would make the most facial hair deprived person envious and of course there is this guy, who loves getting high fives from teenagers.


~ by Dan Browne on March 31, 2008.

2 Responses to “Student Life Tour ’08:: Spartanburg”

  1. I really wish I could have gone to SLT this year, I went a couple years back and it was just amazing. Plus I’ve seen Spur58 before and they are pretty awesome as well. I did, however, go to the Passion Conference when it was in Dallas, and it was AMAZING. God really did some great stuff, and everyone there pitched in with money, clothes, etc. to help a lot of people in need. It was a great couple of days.

    Thanks for the post on SLT, made me wish I had gone!!

  2. hey dan i did have fun and really want to go back next year!!!!!

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