Lauren Update IV

IMG_0076Lauren during her first week in the NICU

We are sitting here in the NICU next to Little Miss Lauren and got some good news today… the good news is that they are going to discharge Lauren this afternoon!!! She still has a very long road in front of her, but until we get the results from the biopsy back, the road is shrouded in a rather dense fog. They are allowing her to go home for a few days until further information is available about the tumor and study they are doing. The next steps in this process are going to involve a very delicate and difficult surgery including different surgeons who specialize in various fields; no matter the results from the biopsy. They are actually creating a 3D computer generated model to simulate the procedure and allow them to practice before they actually attempt to remove the tumor. We would ask that you continue to pray for Lauren and that God’s hand would continue to work in this situation as we have seen it do.

***If you live in the area we ask that you please do not “drop by” as Miss Lauren is still not allowed visitors at this time and we hate to turn people away, per doctors orders.***


~ by Dan Browne on March 10, 2008.

6 Responses to “Lauren Update IV”

  1. I will be praying for your precious Lauren!! I’ve started a cancer blog for my beloved who was recently diagnosed with cancer. I pray it will be a blessing to you and yours!


  2. Still praying and spreading the word to pray , pray , pray.

    Beth Webb

  3. Hey Dan so glad to hear that Lauren can come home for awhile!!!!! Your in our prayers!!! And miss Ya’ll so much!!!

  4. PRAISE GOD! We will continue to keep you guys in our prayers. I wish we were close enough to wrap our arms around the three of you! We love & miss you.

    Jim, Lyna, Jennifer & Amy

  5. Dear Dan and Beck,
    I am Jessica Blackrick’s mom. I just wanted to congratulate you on the birth of your beautiful daughter. I am so glad to hear the tumor is benign. God has really laid her on my heart (and you too of course). I have been thinking of all of you and praying for you all day, night, middle of the night. The college and career prayer group that I lead is also praying for her. On the day that Jessica told me about Lauren, I got a magazine from the hospital that did my tumor surgery and it could be something you might want to check into, Doctor’s Hospital here in Miami has recently installed the latest Gamma Knife radiosurgery technology. Their Gamma Knife Center opened in1993 and they have done over 5,000 surgeries. With the new equipment they will not only be able to treat inoperable brain tumors, but also head and neck tumors and other disorders. It is a noninvasive procedure. Their Gamma Knife team is among the most experienced in the country. The Doctors are: Aizik Wolf, MD,Sammie Coy, Physicist, and Stephen DePrima, MD, neurointerventionalist.The procedure also takes less time that regular surgery. There was even an article about a woman who had trigeminal neuralgia and was treated with the Gamma Knife. I think that is in the same area where Lauren’s tumor is located. Each person is given an MRI to reveal the location and size of the tumor and the images are computerized to create a unique treatment plan for them. A study showed that people treated with the Gamma Knife have a lower risk of the tumor growing back. Apparently these doctors were involved in the design process of the new equipment. It sounds like something you might like to look into. If you want me to send you the article, just email me your home address and I will send it to you. If you should decide to come here and check it out, or to use these doctors, you can stay with us if you want. You probably remember from Bill and Jessica’s wedding that our house is not huge, But we have a guest room, and you are welcome.

    God bless you ,
    Carol Whaley

  6. Our church was asked to pray for baby Lauren by Brandi Burt Lindell. Her father is our pastor in S.W.Mo. I just wanted you to know I too was a baby born with cancer.That was “61yrs” ago. I was the baby my parents tried for 9 have.Because of the complications in my mother’s pragancy, I was delivered a month early. The Dr. didn’t expect either of us to live. 2.5 months later,I was diagnosed with parotid cancer. The parotid gland is the one you have mumps in. I was only 3.5 mo. old when I had surgery. That surgery took care of the problem,I had an excellent Dr. & still have an excellent GOD.I hope you will be comforted by my story.

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