Lauren Update II

IMG_3254Lauren before transfer to NICU

Ah, Lauren looked pretty today. Rebecca and I left to see her at 4AM ad pulled into MCG around 5AM. We went up to the NICU to see our precious girl before they took her down for a biopsy of the tumor. She was pretty active and again grabbed hold of her feeding & respiratory tubes and tried to yank them out. A girl after daddy’s own heart, she hates hospitals. I think she might develop white coat phobia before to long.

I actually got to look into her deep blue eyes today, normally when I visit she is asleep due to meds but she was very alert this time. I got to hold her hand and she stared up at me and it was just amazing. For the last few months I have been singing “Twinkle Little Star” to her in the womb and she would always get really still and listen. Today I sang it to her for the first time really since she was born and she made eye contact and immediately relaxed and stared into my eyes. Amazing.

The doctor spoke with us before and after the surgery and said he removed a walnut size piece of the tumor to send off for biopsy. The good news is that this piece they removed was pretty large so they are going to try to extubate her tomorrow (take out the breathing tube so she can breath on her own), the bad is that he is pretty sure it’s cancer but won’t be 100% sure until the results come back from the biopsy in about a week. It’s very scary when they drop the “C” word, but we don’t want to be left in the dark. They are going to be bringing in a few more specialists from different fields to look at the area in which the tumor is located. The fact that the tumor is located where it is makes the process of removing it extremely difficult without adding the possible cancer factor. Moreover the chance Lauren has to see her 1st birthday if it’s the one type of cancer they think it could be is 1 in 10. Only time and God’s grace will tell.

Please continue to pray for Lauren. We can only hope that God would heal her; that is our one desire and prayer above all else.


~ by Dan Browne on March 4, 2008.

28 Responses to “Lauren Update II”

  1. Please know and let you wife know you have a friend in Oregon praying.


  2. A 1 in 10 Chance is more than God needs to heal

  3. Dan and Rebecca
    Be assured that little Lauren is in God’s hands. There is not a breath she takes that he does not know about. I would like to reassure you that things are not always as dismal as doctors portray. Renae was given similar odds of reaching her first birthday due to heart/liver defects/complications at birth. Many years and miracles later, as you well know, she is now 21 and thriving. If you haven’t already, pray to God and release Lauren to Him for His will to be done then be still and know that He is God. Miracles happen every day to those that believe. Love ya’ll!! Lorie Black-Panama City, FL

  4. Dan, please know that your friends at 88.3 WAFJ are praying over this situation. We know that God is the only one capable of doing what doctors say cannot be done, so we are trusting Him to see you through this trial.

  5. I am pray for you and your wife and for your beautiful child Lauren.

    God’s Peace

  6. Hey dude, just wanted to let you know that i was praying for you your wife and your beautiful baby girl. love you bro.


  7. I just recieved word of the birth of Lauren, she is beautiful. I will pray for God’s healing for Lauren and for God to continue to watch over you and Rebecca.

  8. My brother Dan – I am so excited about Lauren – I praise the Lord with you and Rebecca for such amazing gift. I want you and your bride to know Angela and I and our entire small group will be praying with all we got for complete recovery for precious Lauren. Its funny our small group is workin thru Yancey “Where is God when it hurts?” It has great stuff for just what you guys are going through – as we go thru many folks are looking for the “answer” and it is clear that God is not that kind of God – he focuses more on us focusing – not why this or why now – focus on Him and His glory and His plan and His dreams for us. Its like when Moses asked God his name what else could he say “I AM” or when Job spent 35 chapters ripping God and his three friends for his wrecked life and finally and rarely God answers and rather than answer He questions “Who is this that darkens my counsel with words without wisdom” and rather than respond as humans for three chapters He tells Job to look and see his marvelous creations – AK Chesterfield says God “leads his creatures before Job like monsters dancing in the sun” (i love that) HE is God and whats more He loves us for more than monsters. We LOVE you and Rebecca and Lauren and will pray and pray and pray. I will check daily for updates. bye
    derrick bennett

  9. Dan

    Tears fill my eyes as I pray for you, Becca and Lauren. You’re loved and cared for.


  10. Praying for Lauren brother.

    May God’s healing touch pour out -that she even feel the presence of the Lord during this time and take comfort. May his peace that passes all understanding be so thick in the rooms that Lauren sleep in: I ask for your double annointing on Lauren, Jesus. Come Holy Spirit Come. Move in power and authority. In JESUS name.


  12. Thanks for keeping us posted. You & Becca are missed at WFBC , but you are surrounded in our thoughts & prayers.


  13. Dan, my heart just breaks for you and Becca and Lauren. We love you you guys so much and are in constant prayer for your daughter.

    Tim McB

  14. Dan and Rebecca,
    my prayers go out to you and Lauren. I love you all.

  15. I’m praying for you, Rebecca, and Lauren. God is good, and He will glorify Himself through all of this.

  16. Hi Dan,
    I’ve been praying for Lauren, and will definitely continue to do so. As Bill said up above, 1/10 is more than enough room for God to work. Stay strong.

  17. […] i can’t imagine having a newborn in ICU, waiting to hear a diagnosis.  please visit Dan’s blog and read about Lauren.  please pray for this […]

  18. Hello Dan and Rebecca, I’m a musician out in Northern California and I want you to know I’m praying for little Lauren.

  19. What does one say? I have two precious little girls and know that my wife, my girls, my staff and my closest friends will pray for you. I know you don’t me, but know there is a guy in Dallas, TX fighting for your family and your precious little girl.

  20. I was linked from Paper Mirror and will be following your blog and praying for Lauren and your family.

  21. Dan, Rebecca, and Lauren,

    Hey guys I just wanted you to know that Pineview Baptist Church in West Columbia is praying for you guys!

    In Christ,
    Brandon Sandifer

  22. In CA praying for you!

  23. We are praying for you, your wife, and your amazing baby girl.

    God is truly with her.

  24. I just read your story from Aaron Ivey’s blog. I’m a pastor in Houston. I will pray hard for your little one. God bless her with complete healing.

    Jon Crantz

  25. My family is praying for little Lauren. What a beautiful baby girl. We are praying for you and your wife as well. It is amazing how blog worlds connect. More prayers are going up for you 3 every day.
    God bless,

  26. As a mom whose first child was born with many problems, I can only tell you that, for me, it all came down to truly releasing it to God. Unfortunately it took me about 18 years to do that. Face your fear, embrace your fear, and give it to God to do as HE wills. No expectations other than trusting HIM to be GOD. I will be praying for your precious baby girl and for you, your wife, and extended families.

  27. We are missionaries in Chile and I shared your story on our blog for many others to be praying as well. What an encouraging update today! Your Lauren sounds like a fighter and that is exactly how our daughter Isabel was during her time in the NICU as a newborn. She amazed everyone! God bless your beautiful family!

  28. there’s a 16 year old boy here in dallas texas that’ll be praying for you!
    i will tell everyone at my church to pray for you guys too!!
    you have a strong family!

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