Worry Wort

I have to say, I am sitting here transferring my entire music library from one computer to the other (All legal music by the way) and it’s taking quite a long time. In fact it just really slowed down.

I think anxiety is starting to set in. A week from now I will be a father. I think that the closer we get to this point in our life the more reality sets in. Everyone tells me that having a child changes everything. I realize that but does it have to change everything? I see people around me all the time and think their relationships revolve strictly around their kids. I wonder if they have a relationship with their other half at all? I know of couples who quit dating and come up with every excuse of why they can’t spend time together, I don’t want to be one of these couples. It’s endless. I just don’t understand this side of parenthood I guess. I’m pretty much sick and tired of people telling me that once Lauren is here I won’t be able to date my wife EVER again.

I can say too that I am anxious about being a father. It’s much more responsibility then I have now. I realize things will fall into place but I also look at the father images I have had in my life. None of which are really good examples. Most of all I just feel tired and under prepared. My pessimistic attitude is crossing borders into areas it did not exist before.

This whole thing is an emotional roller coaster. All this up and down is making me sick. I’m excited one moment and nervous the next. I’m ready to attack the next thing one day and not the next. Oi! I love life.

I’m glad God is ultimately in control of all this.

Matt. 6:25 “Do not worry about your life.”


~ by Dan Browne on February 19, 2008.

6 Responses to “Worry Wort”

  1. As a parent of a 4-year old, I can sympathize with your struggles. Everyone told us that nothing would be the same after Luke came. To be honest, I think it united my husband and me closer than we ever were before. Our love grew to a whole new plane that it could not have existed on had Luke not been born. And the dating doesn’t have to stop…grandparents seize the opportunity for Luke to spend the night with them! It’s nice to see another parent being honest with worries and fears of the unknown, because that is when Christ’s strength is completed in us. Thanks for the post!

  2. We have no family within 10 hours of us but we do have friends here who I hope would be willing to watch Lauren for a few hours to give us a break. Only time will tell.

    Honesty is a great thing, I think more people should be transparent.

    I realize that everyone is going to give us advise and tell us how to raise our child. I know I have to tune them out most of the time. Everything must come with a grain of salt right? I think we are all destined to raise a child close to how we where raised. I think that is what scares me most. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to hold this little girl in my arms! She is as much a part of me as she is my wife. I have already thanked God for her a million times because we didn’t think she would ever happen.

  3. Yeah, everyone has an opinion and I’ve been told before by people how they thought I should be doing such-and-such differently. Some advise I’ve taken, others not. I agree transparency is very needful, especially in a society where people are expected to put on masks and not show their real self. Congrats to you and your wife and I’m sure both of you will make great parents your little girl!

  4. Hey Dan,

    Nothing will ever be the same in your life again, but that is not a bad thing nor a terminal thing. In fact it is quite an awesome thing. (OK that’s too many ‘things’) And yes you will date your wife again if you make it a priority. People who don’t – didn’t want to in the first place.

    Don’t sweat it. YOu’ll do fine. By the grace of your Father in Heaven he will see to that!

  5. i feel bad for beck…now she will have to clean up after two people…you alone are messy enough!

  6. Don’t sweat it, Dan. You’ll be fine. Just enjoy it.

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