Take a Walk With Me A Sec…

Could you imagine if we really walked like Jesus walked?

I hear the stories out of Africa of God’s people walking miles through the night to worship together in a building that we here in the states would call condemned. Yet they worship. They come. If I called you up and said “Hey, we are going to worship in this field.” Would you come? What if it was 38F out? You say you would come, but I bet I would be standing alone, in fact I bet if you did come there would be a chance you would stand alone.

What if we as Christians in America gave up all the lights and glamour of our worship services and moved toward a more authentic, Christ centered faith? Can it really happen?

Doesn’t God want more from us? I think that sometimes, more often then we like to admit, our offerings are like Cain’s. You know, the just not good enough offerings. We bring the 2nd best of our “stuff.” We throw the envelope in the plate with a few bucks we had in our pocket or we lead in the band or choir out of obligation instead of an act of worship.

I come back to God wanting more and think that if we where authentic in all we do like those who walk for miles to worship together that I would not think God wanted more. In my authenticity he would have everything.


~ by Dan Browne on February 11, 2008.

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