Big Fishin’

Today I took two hours to fish and drove out to a private pond that is owned by a family in our church. It was a beautiful day, the sun on my shoulders, clear skies & water, and a soft breeze. 60 degrees, you can’t go wrong. I did a little catch and release with some bass, I got two small guys who did not give much of a fight. On my way in I decided to cast once more and what I fight! I didn’t know they had catfish in this pond… that’s the kind of fight I was getting. I’m thinking where are my gloves as I am getting ready to pull this guy in the boat. A catfish, it was not. It was a beautiful 17″ bass! I made sure to put him back so I can catch try for him again later. Yes, Bill I have a picture on my cell. His girth was pretty wide too, he was a fat heavy sucker.


~ by Dan Browne on February 2, 2008.

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