Cloned Animals Safe to Eat Yum!

“But it will be hard to tell which foods do contain ingredients originating from cloned animals. The Food and Drug Administration ruled that labels won’t have to reveal whether the food comes from cloned cows, pigs or goats, or the clones’ offspring, because those ingredients are no different than meat or milk from livestock bred the old-fashioned way.”

I’m sorry but I WANT to know what I am eating and I think America and the rest of the world might as well.

“If you have moral objections to a particular food, or ethical objections to them, FDA’s saying, ‘Tough, you’ve got to eat it,'” said Carol Tucker-Foreman of the Consumer Federation of America, who pledged to push for more food producers to shun clone-derived ingredients.”

I don’t have to eat it, I’ll find it elsewhere. This is truly a huge issue and the FDC is moving forward despite negative comments.

“FDA isn’t surprised by the outcry since it pored over 30,500 comments from the public – many of them negative – before issuing Tuesday’s ruling. A September 2006 poll by the Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology found that 64 percent of Americans were uncomfortable with animal cloning. And when FDA convened its own focus groups, it found a third of consumers would never eat food from cloned animals, while another third weren’t worried and the rest fell somewhere in the middle.”

So what is your take? Cloned or not cloned? What about the offspring of cloned? Why clone if you want offspring anyway?

I just can’t see cloned anything as good eats.

Read Full Article here.


~ by Dan Browne on January 17, 2008.

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