Photography Friday

Subject:: In a Pinch
Aperture:: f1.8
Shutter:: 1/1250
ISO:: 400
Focal Length:: 50mm

~ by Dan Browne on January 11, 2008.

6 Responses to “Photography Friday”

  1. Perfect shot; perfect interpretation. I love the turquoise line, that really makes the photo.

  2. Dan, is this your way of hinting around that you need someone to buy you a dryer?

  3. Well Jamie, I could really use a new washer/dryer but I don’t see how that is going to happen with a kid on the way. 😉 Maybe down the way it will happen. We have not put laundry up like that in the entire time we have been married.

    The interesting thing about the arrangement of the pins is that they have been hanging like that since before I moved in.

  4. Dan’s a Pinhead

  5. Dan I’m digging this photo bro!

  6. Yeah, I really think I might frame it and put it somewhere. I actually have been thinking about doing a photo book for the office table here at the church but have not done it yet.

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