Still Down in the Bottom of the Ninth

My head is starting to hurt yet again. It seems that no matter what this week I can not find a break to relax, even when told not to show up to work. I don’t feel like it’s stress, but maybe it is stress that I am unaware of. My back has been ailing me since Friday and was much better Tuesday & Wednesday, I went and saw a doctor and they did some x-rays, nothing showed up so I am scheduled for an MRI on the 13th. A migraine struck me down on both days. I am also on some antibiotics that seem t be working on one area and not another. Please continue to pray for me that my health would get better. I realize it’s only a matter of time and that others are worse off them myself. Sickness can abound this time of year.

Hey but praise God that I’m still kickin’!

~ by Dan Browne on December 6, 2007.

One Response to “Still Down in the Bottom of the Ninth”

  1. praise God you are still kickin….I know some funeral directors if you want to talk

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