Let it Snow!

So we had a great meeting tonight for our ski retreat with the parents etc… We where in and out in about 45 minutes which is a huge plus. Everything seems to be in order and I feel that we are well prepared, this will all change the morning we leave of course!

The only down part is the lack of snow at Winterplace, WV. I hope and pray that God gives us some white stuff to ski on or at least enough to get a solid base for Winterplace to start making snow. Please pray for it, our students have been looking forward to this since July and it’s 15 days away.

For those of you who read by blog from FBCW the “Hanging of the Green” service went quite well I think. There was good flow to it, the children’s choir sounded great (as a musician I was impressed) as did the adult choir, and it was great to hear God’s family raise their voices when we sang the hymns. It was a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Did I mention praying for snow?


~ by Dan Browne on December 3, 2007.

One Response to “Let it Snow!”

  1. i will pray that it will rain with a temptrature of below freezing.

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