Good Old Abe

I was reading in Genesis 22 today and I looked on this passage with a new light. Sure we see the parallel between Abraham sacrificing his son and God doing the same, but lets see what else is there. Good old Abe is asked, more told by God, to give up the one thing he loves and holds above everything else. His son. If Isaac dies then Abraham will not have the descendants God promised him through his wife Sarah. Yet we see Abe doing what God has told him to do. He takes this one thing (his son) that he loves above all else and binds him and lays him on an altar that he built with his own hands all the while knowing he is about to kill his son. Abe gets so far as to raise the knife and just before he does the sacrifice God stops him.

How far are you willing to go for God?


~ by Dan Browne on November 27, 2007.

3 Responses to “Good Old Abe”

  1. I often am amazed at the fact that Isaac never questioned his own sacrifice and it doesn’t mention that he tried to flee from being put on the altar. Isaac had to have just as much or even more faith than Abe had.

  2. Well… it does say that Isaac was bound by his father in verse 9 and was placed upon the altar. I would have tried to loosen the bonds and run. I could not imagine what was going on in the minds of both father and son.

    You can look at the question of how far are you willing to go for God from both their prospectives.

    I don’t think Isaac knew his father was going to sacrifice him because it says that he carried the wood and even asked where the lamb was for the sacrifice. Abe replied simply that God would provide.

    Are you willing to go as far as Abe did?

  3. I’d love to say yes. My heart yearns..but my flesh is weary. Gah! The struggles and temptations of the soul! Good post though- I’ve always considered this text as a great resource. (then again…the whole bible is great as well, isn’t it?) haha.
    Goodstuff. peace. I’m putting you in my blogroll.

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