What He Said…

I could not agree with David Richardson more on these fine points, well… maybe refine the music one a bit…. 😉

If I Could Do Anything

Lately I’ve been thinking about this: if I could do anything with a church I would…

[1] Make membership matter. In order for individuals to join a church, they would have to complete a course that explains the beliefs and practices of the church. They would also be required to share their testimony with church leaders. Joining would be a big deal.

[2] Use church discipline. Wayward members, who strayed from the principles of the church and openly brought shame upon the church, would lovingly be called back to righteousness and held accountable if they refused to repent. {click here.}

[3] Have one business meeting per year to vote on the church budget and any other major church issues (such as the purchasing of new church property) that are approaching. The rest of the year, leaders would be allowed to lead. Why appoint church leaders if they constantly have to beg permission to do something???

[4] Pour a healthy balance of money into local missions and foreign missions.

[5] Have worship on Sunday morning and small group meetings in homes one night per week.

[6] Put massive emphasis on outreach and evangelism to the local community. If the church refuses to minister to families in her own neighborhood, she has failed.

[7] Sing a healthy balance of old hymns and new choruses in worship gatherings. This would be done with a variety of musical instruments.

[8] Not make a big deal about what people wear to church (as long as people are not showing a shocking amount of skin or causing major distractions)

[9] Create an environment where people of all skin colors would feel welcome.

[10] Most importantly…make it a God-centered church. {Preach the word of God, uplift the Son of God, seek the Spirit of God.}

If I could do anything, that ‘s some (not all) of what I would do…

Why are we still sitting here?


~ by Dan Browne on November 10, 2007.

3 Responses to “What He Said…”

  1. Makes me feel good about our church. We’re doing most all of those! Praise God!

  2. Thanks, Dan, for the shout-out. Now, let’s get busy and do this!

  3. That’s a good list. I’m starting to feel pretty spoiled, as my church does most of the things on that list, in some form….

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